Indra: Ibex rises to 35% after Escribano breaks and gains 20%

Indra: slow response after Escribano's disruption... but capacity 20%

notaryA Spanish defense major has acquired a 3% stake in Indra in an operation valued at over 65 million Euros, thus becoming the second largest industrial partner of the MNC and enhancing its benchmark position in the defense sector. Is.Defense in Spain.

From the company they confirm that the operation “is the result of a clear commitment to the persistence of the Spanish defense industry, a key and strategic sector for the socioeconomic development of our country, with which Escribano has a strong commitment and in which he wants to contribute his experience”, according to Europa Press.

With this investment, Escribano becomes The fifth major shareholder of Indra. These include the State Company of Industrial Participation (SEPI), Fidelity, Amber and SAPA.,

Those responsible for Escribano state that one of the factors explaining its growth in recent years has to do with the approach it began implementing in 2010 to achieve vertical integration of its manufacturing capabilities .

For this reason, the company initiated an R+D+I policy involving engineers and technical profiles to be able to control the entire production chain of its products. Currently, Escribano designs and manufactures its products entirely at its facilities in Alcalá de Henares.

In the last decade, the company’s workforce has grown from 80 to 700, with an estimated turnover of 140 million euros in 2023 and with operations in more than 20 countries. To achieve this, Escribano develops an intensive collaboration with the educational sector, promoting synergy with universities and professional training centers in the community of Madrid, explained the company.

Indra’s shares reacted indifferently to the news, with a mid-session increase of 0.34% to 11.88 euros within an IBEX 35, which rose 0.21% at the same time. The price has accumulated a revaluation of 12% so far this year, with a market capitalization of over €2,000 million.

analysts also believe that the value is About 20% more likely to grow twelve months ahead. According to data compiled by Reuters, an average of analysts have given Indra a ‘Buy’ recommendation and a price target of €14.19.