Instagram rolls out a new function for shared stories

The platform is rolling out a new update to allow users to jointly publish posts with each other, a function similar to

Instagram works on a new feature called shared story Which will allow users to post shared stories with each other.

This function resembles the tool that the platform already has for publications and reels in feeds. instagram collabs DFrom October 2021. This way, two users can have the same publication appear on their profiles.

this is one The functionality has already existed in Snapchat since May last year, Which extends Custom Stories and allows you to expand the reach of posts and the size of the community.

Thus, as is the case with publications in a feed, The application will allow viewing the same story from two different profiles,

As recently advanced by reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi, Target —the owner of Instagram—introduced a new button that replaces the Best Friends button and introduces this new option.

channel, instagram tool

Other functions of the recently launched app are ChannelWhich will provide a more direct option in which they can also promote content and receive comments.

Now you can share stories

Instagram will allow the sharing of stories between users, as well as the function that allows this between publications

For the time being, this option will be available only for content creators With a large number of followers and verified accounts.

Other users will not be able to publish in these broadcast chats and will only have the possibility send responses And participate in surveys,

Instagram Said it plans to add more functions to the tool in the coming monthsFor example the possibility to bring another creator onto the channel to talk about upcoming collaborations, and a form for followers to ask questions or answer slogans.

when an influential person has access Channel You can debut one from your Instagram inbox and announce it with a special sticker from your Stories “Join Channel”,

after sending a first message, Your followers will receive a notification to join.