Jessica Simpson has a subtle response to ex-husband Nick Lachey’s claims she was the ‘villain’ in their relationship

jessica simpson shared a cryptic response to ex-husband’s recent claims Nick Lachey among them was the “villain” Relationship,

The “Take My Breath Away” singer, 42, and the former 98 Degrees member, 49, were married from 2002 to 2006. During their short-lived relationship, the former couple were stars of their own reality show, newlywedswhich ran for two seasons on MTV.

several resurfaced clips newlyweds has recently gone viral on TikTok, allowing a new generation to learn about Simpson and Lachey’s relationship. in one VideoWhen both are seen arguing about the renovation of their house love is blind The co-hosts refer to Simpson as a “spoiled child”.

in a new interview with stirSimpson responded subtly to TikTokers’ thoughts that Lachey was the real “villain” in their relationship, such as one user who commented: “Growing up realizing that Nick was the problem… the whole time. “

while talking to stirThe duke of hazard The actor said “better late than never” in response to the revived clip. He simply said: “It’s amazing what publicity can do.”

Jessica Simpson has since moved on with retired football player Eric Johnson. The couple married in 2014 and have three children: Maxwell Drew, 11, Ace Nutt, 10, and Birdie Mae, four.

Meanwhile, Nick Lachey has married her. love is blind Co-host, Vanessa Lachey, since 2011. They have three children: Camden John, 10, Brooklyn Elizabeth, eight, and Phoenix Robert, six.

In February 2020, Simpson shared several details about her past relationship with Lachey new York Times best selling memoir, open book, After its release, Lachey Admits he’ll never read his ex-wife’s autobiography Because he “lived” it.

“You will be shocked to hear that I have not read it and will never read it. I knew the book was coming, but I lived the book,” Lachey said. radio andy Host Andy Cohen on SiriusXM.

He said, “I know what the truth is, so I don’t need to read anyone’s version of the story.” “I’m thrilled to be where I am in life, and that was 20 years ago, so these days it’s honestly the last thing on my mind, except when someone brings it up.

“I understand why people want to ask, but it’s not a part of my life anymore and it’s not even on my radar. She’s doing her job, and I’m doing mine, and that’s how it should be.”

Despite saying he no longer thinks back on his time with Simpson perfect match was the host Recently he was accused of “shadowing” his ex-wife during a love is blind reunion special.

Netflix season three reunion love is blind, Lachey commented that marriage is “always better the second time around” as he spoke to contestant Matt Bolton about his previous marriage to his high school girlfriend. The comment concurred with Bolton, who replied, “Cheers, Bud,” and he punched the dating show host.

However, many viewers viewed the moment as an insult to Simpson. “I’m sorry, but did Nick Lachey punch Matt to tease Jessica Simpson by saying ‘it’s always better the second time’? Looks weird!” one person tweeted.

Elsewhere in the Simpsons interview stirHe Addressing rumors he used diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight. While she has openly admitted to using diet pills before in her memoir open book, Simpson denied allegations that she was using Ozempic.

“Lord. I mean, it’s not. It’s willpower,” he said.

The fashion designer then expressed frustration that people still comment on others’ appearance, and sarcastically asked if fans would like her to start drinking again as she was “heavy” back then.

However, Simpson expressed that she would not let body-shaming people “disintegrate” her because she is “too old for that”.

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