Jujutsu Kaisen – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Review

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Episode 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 begins with a young Suguru Getou reflecting on his work as a young Jujutsu magician while exorcising and absorbing a cursed spirit. Later, a woman explains the mission of some jujutsu magicians. This involves investigating the home of a former restaurant chain president because it is haunted.

Mei and a young Utahime enter the residence. Once they reach deep into that space they separate. Yutahime checks several locations for any strange activity and finds a group of rodents in a room. She passes out and bumps into Mei. Utahime says that this floor does not look familiar, despite Mei saying that she has passed this floor three times. Mei believes they are inside a cursed spirit barrier. Mei argues that this is how the spirit killed its victims. They must escape the obstacle in order to slay the cursed spirit, so Utahime creates a brilliant plan that will allow them to free themselves from the spirit’s hold.

Utahime goes ahead with the plan and meets a young Satoru Gojou. When the cursed spirit finally reveals itself, Satoru miniaturizes Utahime for being horrified. Getō and a young Shoko arrive, and Utahime is happy to see her. Yutahime is surprised that two days have already passed, but Satoru informs her that a spirit must have the power to change time. Mei asks Shoko, Geto and Satoru if they have handled the Veil issue. The group is scolded by a young Masamichi for the veil, and Satoru comes forward and apologizes for forgetting.

Satoru and his friends go to a basketball court. Satoru shares his thoughts about establishing the veil as the public cannot see cursed spirits or cursed technologies. Gato argues that keeping the public quiet is important because it discourages the cursed spirits. Gojo argues that taking care of weak humans is tiring while Geto claims that jujutsu exists to protect non-magicians. Before they get into a physical confrontation, Masamichi enters the room and assigns them a new mission.

Masamichi tells the boys that their mission has two goals. One involves Star Plasma Vessel, a girl compatible with Tengen. They have to side with him and wipe him out. One of them asks Masamichi if it is about renewing Tengen’s technology and Masamichi says that Tengen has the cursed technology of immortality, but don’t confuse it with eternal youth. Furthermore, Masamichi states that once Tengen reaches a specific age the cursed technology begins to rewrite his body. Thus, Tengen would cease to be human and would lose his will.

If this were the case, Tengen would no longer be able to power the barrier techniques of the jujutsu schools, society, and assistant supervisor. In addition, they will not be able to maintain security or clean up after missions. Tengen can also become a dangerous hazard. This is why every 500 years, he locates the Star Plasma Vessel to assimilate with them and overwrite the information on their bodies. This will help him to bring his cursed technology back to zero.

Masamichi tells the boys that the Curse user group Q and the Time Vessel Association are behind the Star Plasma Vessel. The Curse user group seeks to destroy society through Tengen’s mischief. As for the Time Vessel Association, they worship Tengen like a god. Furthermore, Masamichi informs Tengen of his vow to shack up with the girl in two days, so Gojo and Geto must protect her and make sure she reaches Tengen within the deadline.

After taking the drink, Satoru wonders why the Time Vessel Association wants to kill the girl. Geto claims that they want to kill the girl in order to preserve Tengen’s sanity. Gato says that he should be more concerned about the Curse user group Q. He tells Satoru not to be full of himself.

Geto reaches the girl’s door, but an explosion occurs, resulting in her jumping off the building. Geto rescues the girl and realizes it was a stunt by a member of the cursed group Q. One member confronts Satoru, and Satoru plans to show him no mercy. Meanwhile, two men discuss the situation from a skyscraper. He asks his colleague Fushiguro if he would like to participate in the Star Plasma Vessel plan, and the episode ends with him happily accepting his offer.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is back and it looks like it’s focusing more on the history between its current rival Suguru Geto and legendary character Satoru Gojo. If anything, this episode showcases Mappa’s skill at delivering well-paced animated experiences to immerse and entertain viewers.

Many scenes in this episode will get fans excited like Utahim and Mei exploring the President’s residence. That sequence gave us intense and terrifying vibes, from the character’s interactions with his surroundings to Mappa’s brilliant use of exaggerated camera angles. It brought the scene to life and made everything expressive and a delight to watch.

Viewers will love to compare Satoru and Geto’s youthful personas to those we see in season one and another feature film, Jujutsu Kaisen 0. It will be interesting to see how these people are taken on different paths. Although the episode’s cinematography is incredible, it also had moments when its important material was hard to digest. Plus, there were moments when the characters seemed mildly nervous about their designs.

Additionally, the whole mission involving Mei and Yutahim might seem unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Other than those minor issues, the episode was a feast for the eyes and set up some exciting developments to come. I look forward to seeing where this season of the anime goes from here.

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Expect an entire season’s worth of writing when this season ends!
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