Kevin Spacey trial: Accused describes encounter with actor

LONDON – A man who met Kevin Spacey in a pub says that once they were alone while drinking heavily with others, the actor twice kissed her on the neck and grabbed her crotch.

The two-time Oscar winner looked dazed after being pushed and told, “I’m sorry man, I don’t bat for that team,” the witness said.

The man was interviewed by police on Tuesday for jurors in Spacey’s sexual assault trial at a London court.

Spacey, 63, has pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges that could have sent him to prison if convicted. His attorney said Spacey denies all allegations of non-consensual acts and suggested the accusers are looking for a payoff from a wealthy star.

The American actor worked at the Old Vic theater with seven counts of sexual harassment, three counts of indecent assault and one charge of engaging in penetrative sexual activity without consent by four men from 2001 to 2013. Are.

The witness, who cannot be named under British court rules, said Spacey had invited her and others back to a house in the Cotswolds to “continue the party” after the pub closed, where the actor was staying. Had been. Spacey offered alcohol and marijuana, he said.

According to the witness, Spacey was friendly as he drank Double Jack Daniel’s whiskey and cola with the man and his group of friends at the pub. As the drinks began to flow, the group began calling the Hollywood star “K-Dog,” the witness said.

The man said he didn’t think much of Spacey’s touchy behavior at the bar when he put his hands on the back and legs of the man and his friends.

But he said he was shaken by what happened after he accidentally let Spacey’s dog out while returning from smoking on the porch. He testified that he managed to catch the small dog and apologized to Spacey, who said not to worry and came to him in a “hug” pose.

The witness said, “As I tell it, we hugged a strange man.” “He hugged me, I kind of patted him on the back.”

Spacey then kissed her neck and grabbed her crotch and said, “Stay calm, stay calm,” the man testified.

He said that when he pushed Spacey away, the actor’s eyes widened and an “immediate look of bewilderment” appeared on his face.

The witness said that she left the house and called her father and told him about the unwanted touching on her way home.

When Spacey was questioned by police about the allegation, he said he did not remember kissing anyone’s neck or grabbing anyone’s crotch and, according to the prosecutor’s initial statement, he would not have done such a thing without a sign of consent.

Prosecutors said Spacey said it was “entirely possible and indeed likely” that he had made a “clumsy pass” that he had forgotten and may have touched someone’s crotch in the process. Are.

The prosecution said that the actor indicated that he vaguely recognized the person in the photograph and that he could be from the group with whom the actor was drinking at the time.

The witness will be cross-examined before a jury of nine men and three women at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday.

Spacey, who has homes in the US and London, is free on bail.

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