Kigüi, the app that gives you the opportunity to earn money and prevent food from being thrown away

Platform makes products with short expiry date more accessible to users thus reducing waste

Argentina’s pocket is in one of the tightest moments in its history, with monthly inflation that stood at 8.4% in April, as indec (32% in the annual cumulative), while the estimates made by experts for May do not predict a better outlook.

In this context, platforms that allow you to generate savings with regular purchases are consolidated as a major ally to reach the end of the month with a few extra pesos.

Thus, options such as various crypto cards that provide cashback for purchases with bitcoin (BTC) and major cryptos (Ripio, Bello, Satoshi Tango, Binance, etc.) or apps such as “there is!”Which use artificial intelligence (AI) to complete the shopping “cart” in a very practical way to take advantage of all the offers, occupy a fundamental place for the domestic economy.

What if, in addition to saving at the supermarket, you could be taking care of the planet? was born from this base KiguiAn Argentinian startup that launched its app for Reward users for cooperating with the environment and helping out of pocket.

in conversation with iProUP Maximiliano DikranianThe co-founder and COO of the platform highlighted that apart from doing a good deed by contributing to reducing food waste in supermarkets, they also Real savings are achieved with the purchase of a few products,

This is because Kigui is an app that puts the consumer as the protagonist and its users access the big refund When they buy products for immediate consumption.

Kigui, the app that earns you money and stops you from throwing away food

Kigui, the app that earns you money and stops you from throwing away food

It launched its operations in Argentina in February 2022 and has over 100,000 users in the country.

It also landed in Mexico, where it has over 50,000 users, and its roadmap includes reaching Brazil in the near future.

how to use kigui

Kigui is a triple impact startup created by Mauricio Kramer, CEO, Maximiliano Dikranian, COO, and Gonzalo Castro Peña, CTOAimed at reducing food waste in supermarkets.

The secret to the startup’s business model is simple: Kigui helps consumers (because they pay less), companies (who sell all the products they make and reduce their environmental impact) and the environment, at a higher level. Reduce contamination of food that leads to food waste.

that too in style WazeKigui users can share information about the places where products end up and thus, not only does the brand and the environment win, but the third pillar of the ecosystem is strengthened: Quality products at more affordable prices.

“We allow products to be matched with consumers” is what their developers iProUP emphasizes when describing how the platform works.

kigui works like this

kigui works like this

most requested area dairyBut its developers were also surprised by the high percentage of demand for baked goods.

In this way, thanks to its cashback system, you can pay less for yogurt that expires in 10 days. And for brands it is a simple and transparent solution to a problem that has been dragging on for years: the sheer volume of products. In the gondola they are exhausted and end up as waste.

The app is available on iOS and Android and to access its benefits it is necessary to create a user with an email account, where a code will be sent to complete the profile and access the benefits of the app.

And when the platform is loading, the user will be able to see a brief description of how it works and the main affiliated supermarket chains to make smart purchases and access the benefits.

How to request cashback

How to request cashback


So far Kigui has raised more than U$650 thousand important funds.

Its investors include Nutopia VC,, Lotte Capital, Invergence El Trueno, as well as prominent angel investors such as ex-CFO of Nestlé, ex-CTO of Groupon, ex-VP of expansion of Too Good to Go, and Silicon Valley. Valley Entrepreneur.

In addition, Kigui signed agreements with important brands in Mexico and Argentina, such as Sigma (producing Yoplait, Fudge, Chimex, La Villita products), Bimbo, Las Tres Niñas, Ilole, Dulcor.