‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ unleashes violence and explosions in its second trailer

Together barbie Vs oppenheimer With the buzz still sucking the oxygen out of most movie coverage, it’s easy to forget that awards season is just around the corner. summer blockbuster season (which has so far been characterized by tentpole-like poor glitter And Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny) Reputation always leading into the fall season, when studios release most of their potential award winners in the span of only a few months at the end of the year.

October 20 brings us the controversial flagship of awards season, Martin Scorsese assassins of the flower moon, which has just released its second trailer. In addition to being an adaptation of David Grann’s best-selling book, it stars one of our most famous living filmmakers and stars two of his most frequent collaborators – Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio – who have since worked together didn’t work. this boy’s life (1993) and Marvins Room (1996).

Eric Roth of Gran’s Best Seller and Scorsese’s adaptation was originally set to have DiCaprio play FBI agent Tom White, who arrives in town to investigate the murders. However, early in production, Scorsese and DiCaprio reportedly decided they wanted to avoid making a “white-savior western” and so shifted their focus, with DiCaprio playing a suspect, Ernest Burkhart, and Jesse Plemons played FBI Agent, White. ,

Native American actress Lily Gladstone, who grew up on The Blackfeet Reservation in Montana plays Burkhart’s wife Molly, and has been generating awards buzz for her performance since the film’s Cannes debut in May.

Meanwhile, De Niro plays Burkhart’s uncle, William Hale, a wealthy cattle rancher and corrupt local power broker, who eventually enlists his nephew in a scheme to usurp the Osage of their new found wealth. DiCaprio told Deadline, “The biggest challenge was to pull off the trick of not making it a mystery (like the book), but revealing Ernest early on for who he is and then unraveling this very complicated relationship.” want to see.” “Not only with Mollie, but also with De Niro’s character. It was not easy and it took years to understand.

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