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Qhow many are the conscientious objectors in Italy? What are the structures that carry out thevoluntary termination of pregnancy? Is it easy for a woman to know where to go if she decides to resort to this medical service? Almost 45 years from the entry into force of law 194/1978 It is difficult to answer these questions precisely. We didn’t indeed access to official dataupdated and detailed that give a clear picture of the real application of the law – and therefore of the effective guarantee of a right – in the various Italian regions.

Conscientious objectors and abortion: why are there no data?

The ministerial data published in the latest Report on the implementation of the law are stuck in 2020 and, above all, continue to be in a closed and aggregated format by region, despite the fact that for over a year with theLuca Coscioni Association we ask the Ministry of Health to publish them in an open and disaggregated format.

The investigation by the Luca Coscioni Association

A paradox given that some 2021 data was disclosed by the update of the“Mai Dati” survey by journalists Chiara Lalli and Sonia Montegiove with the Luca Coscioni Association for the freedom of scientific research. The authors of the survey, with an enormous work of generalized civic access, managed to obtain new and more updated data than those of the Ministry in 10 Italian Regions.

The coordinator of Marco Cappato’s defense legal panel, Avv. Filomena Gallo, during the press conference “The next steps towards legal euthanasia” in Montecitorio, Rome, 15 February 2018. ANSA/MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI

What happens in the Regions

The investigation shows that the Molise confirms the high percentage of objectors (out of 2 hospital facilities, 1 facility that is not IVG has all objectionable gynecologists, while in the other 8 out of 10 gynecologists are objections). In Puglia there are 8 hospitals with 100% objection out of a total of 35 – and of these 7 are not IVG points and 1 is IVG point. In the Marches there are 2 hospitals with 100% out of a total of 17 – we don’t know if I take IVG or not.

The Regions with the lowest percentage of IVG points are Campania (28.4%, 19 out of 67 IVG points), Abruzzo (33.3%, 5 out of 15 are IVG points), and Molise with only one hospital where it is possible to have an abortion.

10 Regions that did not respond to the request for civic access and which therefore at the moment have not sent the data: Lazio, Sicily, Calabria, Tuscany, Basilicata, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige.

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The request to publish open data

This is why we renewed ours to the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci request to publish open data. Because only with all the open data can we evaluate the state of application of law 194/78 and imagine, where needed, remedies and adjustments.

An action of discontinuity with respect to the previous Government is necessary: ​​to publish open and detailed data on individual structures, as required by the digital administration code. Open data, we say it for the umpteenth time, is essential to be able to know the state of health of the law 194/1978, to avoid any suspension of the service and disbursements with dilated times that put women’s health at risk. Only with open and updated data will the Regions and the Ministry of Health itself be able to intervene, where necessary, to improve critical issues and problems, thus ensuring full compliance with Law 194/1978.

Women need to know who to turn to in case of need

Furthermore, it is essential that every woman knows in a clear and timely manner where to go to access the Voluntary Abortion of Pregnancy since by law the service is provided within a specific deadline for both the pharmacological and surgical methods.

The Luca Coscioni Association

L’Luca Coscioni Association he promoted the referendum Legal Euthanasia and also with others he collected 1,240,000 signatures to hold a referendum for the partial abrogation of the crime of murder of the consenting. Read here all the articles of the Luca Coscioni Association.


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