Massachusetts court vacates temporary harassment order against Ezra Miller

#1 box office opening is usually good news. Or else glitterThe latest offering from the DC Universe grossed $55.1 million in its opening weekend. well below estimates,

Looking at the sequence of events, glitterThe disappointing performance was soon blamed on layoffs at TCM, a cable network that, like the DCU, is also under the umbrella of Warner Bros. Discovery. Statistical analysis, Box office tracker luiz fernando also determined WBD would have lost less money glitter whether it released it on the company’s streaming platform MAX…or canceled its release altogether, as it infamously did bat girl Last year. A somewhat quiet PR campaign is being blamed for the film’s disappointing opening. Given a series of troubling stories surrounding its star, ezra miller (about what V.F‘S Julie Miller reported last year), he has not done any interviews to promote it. In light of all this, a Deadline story A court lifted the protection order against Miller In fact it qualifies as positive press for them.

As marlo stern First reported in The Daily Beast Last June, a then-unnamed Massachusetts woman was granted a temporary harassment restraining order against Miller on behalf of her and her non-binary child, who was 12 at the time. This came after a similar order was sought by the parents of Tocata Iron Eyes, then 18, who had first met Miller when Iron Eyes was 12, and Miller was 23; Iron Eyes’ parents claimed, “Ezra uses coercion, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusion, and drugs to exert influence over a young teenage Tocatta.” The authorities concerned could not find Miller to produce the papers, about which Miller posted several funny memes on his Instagram account before deleting it.

In relation to the Massachusetts case, the child’s mother – who has since been identified Shannon Guinn – It is claimed that Miller, armed with a gun, accused Ginny of being a witch and a vampire and paid uncomfortable attention, even physically, to the child.

Although Order It was to expire on Saturday, but a Massachusetts court overturned it a day earlier, apparently finding convincing arguments from Miller’s attorney, Marissa Elkins, that Miller had never spent any time with the child during which time other adults were not present, and that Ginny’s “false allegations” were filed because “Ezra struggled with significant mental health problems, and his own was unable to appear in court to defend “the bogus claims made by this person.” Additionally, no criminal charges were filed in the case, and Guinn did not appear at Friday’s hearing.

Last August, Miller apologized for the events involving Iron Eyes and Guinea’s Child and several others mentioned in Miller’s article, claiming he had “complex mental health problems” for which he had “begun ongoing treatment”. Had given.” Apparently, that was enough for the executives at Warner Bros. Michael DeLuca And Palm EBD in order to maintain glitter on track. whatever it’s worth, glitterDirector of Andy Muschietti Where is he won’t cast miller again As for a hypothetical sequel, but then again…that could be because such a sequel is almost certainly never going to happen.

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