Svaginal dryness or recurrent cystitis: it is now known that the period of menopause can put a strain on the intimate health of many women. Valuable help, however, can come from‘thermal water, whose benefits have also proved useful for preventing and treating different genital tract disorders.

Among the many properties of thermal water there is in fact that of ensure an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actioneffective in the prevention and treatment of various pathologies or gynecological disorders, such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities, vaginal infections and even secondary infertility.

So how do thermal waters work? What are the main benefits for female intimate health? And how to make the most of them even during the menopause? We talked about it with Dr. Antonella Napolitano, Gynecologist and Acupuncturist of Terme di Sirmione.

Thermal water: how it is made and what benefits

Spa treatments, therefore, bring benefits not only to the respiratory, osteoarticular or skin systems, as we tend to think, but also to the gynecological one.

«The thermal water of Sirmione is classified as sulphurous salsobromoiodine because it contains a significant amount of sulfur, in the form of hydrogen sulphide, but also sodium chloride, bromine and iodine – explains Dr. Napolitano – Own the synergistic action of the components sulphurous and salsobromoiodic gives important therapeutic functions to the thermal water which thus plays an important role too in gynecological diseases with a positive effect on the urogenital system”.

The treatments to know for menopause

The thermal water, in particular the salsobromoiodic sulphurous one, is to be considered a valid alternative to the classic treatments for the intimate disorders of the menopause, due to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action and also for its antimicrobial and decongestant capacity. But how can it be used to make the most of its benefits?

«Vaginal irrigations and aerosols these are treatments based on thermal water that are usually used in the gynecological field – explains the expert – with good results».

Menopause and crenotherapy

With the term crenotherapyfrom the Greek Crened which means source, all the treatments that are indicated provide for the use of thermal spring waters as a method of treatment.

«In gynecology, crenotherapy can be general, in the form of a thermal bath, or locale – continues Dr. Napolitano – with the term local crenotherapy refers specifically to vaginal irrigations and aerosols, treatments that can also be performed in combination ad pelvic mud applications to increase the therapeutic action of the thermal waters».

How does the vaginal aerosol work?

«The vaginal aerosols consist in the introduction of aerosolized thermal water into the vagina through special devices – explains the gynecologist – This application technique favors the contact of water with the mucous membranes and consequently their uptake by cells. It’s about a procedure also recommended in menopause because perfect per restore tone to the pelvic floor e prevent genital prolapse».

Vaginal douching in menopause

In addition to vaginal aerosols, another useful treatment in menopause for intimate health can be vaginal douches.

«They are always carried out by medical and nursing staff – specifies the expert – and exploit the action of sprinklers equipped with control of the temperature, between 37° and 40°and of thermal water pressure. Water is introduced using disposable sterile cannulas connected to the irrigator via a rubber fitting. For each application they are usually employed about 2-5 liters of water for a total duration, per session, of 15-20 minutes».

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Cystitis in menopause: how to treat it with thermal water

And that’s not all. The thermal waters reveal themselves very useful in preventing and treating cystitis as wellamong the most common disorders in women of both childbearing age and menopause.

If you always take care of your intimate hygiene, keep your intestines regular with a healthy diet rich in fiber and get used to drinking 2 liters of water a day to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, they are basic rules of preventioneven spa treatments can make a difference.

«To prevent cystitis they can be very effective mineral water treatments with thermal water – explains Dr. Napolitano – In particular for rebalance the local bacterial flora vaginal irrigations with sulphurous bromo-iodic thermal water are very useful. When the cause that leads to recurrent cystitis is instead a ascertained imbalance of the intestinal bacterial floracould be referred to as a treatment colon hydrotherapy».

Vaginal douching in menopause: how many sessions are needed?

Among the therapeutic benefits of thermal water also that of ensure good results in a short time.

«A complete course of cure usually has one duration of 6 or 12 daysbut already with one or two applications you notice the benefits we have talked about – explains Dr. Napolitano – the however, sessions can be deferred according to the patient’s needs.

Who prescribes the treatment

“And the gynecologist usually who, after an accurate anamnesis and after evaluating the underlying causes of the disorder, prescribes the spa treatment – ​​specifies the expert – however even the general practitioner can direct the patient to a spa where she can be suitably evaluated by an internal specialist».

And the contraindications?

The side effects treatments based on thermal water for intimate menopausal disorders are almost non-existent.

«There are no particular contraindications to treatments with thermal water – confirms the gynecologist of Terme di Sirmione – Vaginal irrigations or aerosols they are suitable for all women. The only contraindication can be a hypersensitivity to a component of the thermal water which however can give rise to a local effect, usually mild, which is already perceived from the first session. In some particular cases then further diagnostics may be requiredsuch as a vaginal swabto be performed before the treatment”.

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Menopause: the importance of correct intimate hygiene

Finally, given that to treat and soothe the classic menopausal disorders, even intimate hygiene requires special attention, valid help can come from thermal water products. «These are delicate detergents – concludes the expert – which however also ensure a soothing effect».


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