Menopause, the new Guidelines to live better and longer

northand the joint congress of SIM (Italian Menopause Society) me SIGITE (Italian Society of Gynecology for the Third Age) return to discuss problems and therapies for women in menopause.

She reaffirmed the importance of this moment in the life of the woman whose taking charge is not limited only to the resolution of Hot flushes which continue to be the most frequent symptom, but rather the implementation of a health program that should accompany her into old age, given that women live an average of 86 years.

symptoms of menopause

Dr. Raffaela Di Pace, gynecologist

There may be several symptoms in addition to Hot flushes. me joint pains, meinsomniathe modifications of the cognitive functions such as attention and memory and those of mood tone play an important role in changing the lifestyle of new fifties who are facing menopause in a world that wants them to be beautiful, young and performing even after their period has stopped.

The latest society guidelines were written in 2019, but are about to be re-evaluated and will be republished in the new 2023 version after the NAMS (North American Menopause Society) also published its last year.

Hormone replacement therapy

Again the indicationuse of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) it remains symptomatic for women, while confirming the protective effect of the therapy itself at the level of all organs and systems.

How important are the first 10 years after menopause?

The concept of “Window of opportunities” is important, that is, a period of time that is 10 years after the menopause and in any case within 60 years of age of the patient in which therapy may have a more marked protective effect in long-term pathologies such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk first of all.

Menopause, expert advice and tailor-made therapies

Menopause, expert advice and tailor-made therapies

A tailor-made therapy for each

Patients must be selected by indication and by risk profile and the therapy is no longer a single entity, but there are many possibilities that the clinician has by type of molecule, dose, route of administration. Therefore extreme customization of therapy adapting it to the disorders and needs of patients.

If menopause is early

One aspect of special attention is addressed to women with menopause. early before the age of 40 in which therapy is absolutely mandatory if we want to avoid the risks of premature cessation of ovarian activity.

The the duration of therapy should be reassessed from year to year, precisely considering the benefits and risks. For this can change over time and it can be continued as long as the age of the patient and the duration of the therapy do not represent a contraindication.

A cultural resistance

This data of extreme tranquility collides a bit with the very low percentage of women in Italy undergoing hormone therapy reaching 5-6%. Obviously there is a cultural resistance that still sees menopause as a “natural” moment in which there is no need to intervene or fear of risks prevails and in particular the increase in breast cancer.

The data reassures

However, the new data also reassures us in these terms by indicating a small increase with older therapies that will obviously turn out to be even less with newer therapies, but is certainly clearly less than the benefits that therapy can provide in terms of quality of life. and prevention.

For those who cannot or do not want HRT

However, for women who do not want to resort to HRT, there are many natural active ingredients that can be used that are perhaps less effective but are also a useful weapon for women who cannot undergo therapy.

Cystitis and dryness, there are remedies

Equally varied is the landscape of therapies for genitourinary syndrome menopause, which he sees as the most reported ailments dryness and pain with intercourse. Here there are also pharmacological therapies based on hormones for local use, oral therapies, local moisturizers and nutrients and a whole series of physical therapies ranging from laser to radiofrequency through oxygen therapy and more.

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a reassuring message

Therefore, the message that women should have is extremely reassuring. The problems and consequences of menopause can be resolved with the appropriate therapy for each of them, you just need to go to the right doctor


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