Meta’s Twitter alternative ‘Threads’ now available

Meta today officially launched Threads, the new social media app it’s working on as an alternative to Twitter. Threads was to be launched on Thursday, but the company launched it earlier due to the excitement around its launch.

instagram threads app
Threads is described as “the text-based conversation app of Instagram” and is an obvious Twitter clone. With the app, users can post “threads” that other users can reply to, followers’ threads will appear in the main timeline.

Meta is connecting threads to Instagram, which means Instagram usernames get ported to threads and Instagram users have the option to follow the same people they follow on Instagram.

Threads is where the community comes together to discuss all the topics that matter to you today and what will be trending tomorrow. You can follow what interests you and connect directly with your favorite creators and others who love the same things – or create your own to share your thoughts, opinions and creativity with the world. Can build a loyal following of.

Over the past few days Twitter implemented rate limits for Twitter users, which cut down on the number of visible tweets per day. With this decision, Twitter raised interest in alternative apps. Mastodon and BlueSky are already positioned as Twitter alternatives, but haven’t rolled out widely yet.

BlueSky is growing slowly and isn’t yet widely available to join, which is a problem with that app, while Mastodon’s federated setup can be confusing for those looking for a simple social network. Looking for media experience.

Threads has the potential to replace Twitter as the Instagram integration will make onboarding easier and will also have Instagram’s user base. The app won’t be as limited as BlueSky’s, nor as difficult to use as Mastodon’s. Threads supports posts of up to 500 characters, with photos, videos, and links supported.

There have been concerns about the data being collected by the app, and the App Store listing reveals that information such as usage data, location, contacts, identifiers, purchases, health and fitness, browsing history, and more will be collected and collected from users. Will be linked, but has the same disclosures as Instagram. Twitter also collects and uses similar data.

According to Meta, it appears that the app is not currently using any data to track users on websites and apps owned by other companies, which makes it more private than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Is. Threads and Instagram share a privacy policy with more details Available on the Instagram website,

Threads is launching in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and 100 other countries, but it Will not be available in EU countries This time due to the Digital Market Act.

Threads can be downloaded for free from the App Store. ,direct link,

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