Missing B.C. teen found after getting lost in Golden Years park

The 16-year-old went missing while hiking in Golden Years Park on Tuesday.

A 16-year-old Langley girl who went missing while hiking in Golden Ears Park has been found alive after more than 50 hours in the woods.

Search and rescue volunteers and police have been searching for him in Maple Ridge Park since he went missing on Tuesday.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue was leading the search and said they had stopped as of 8:30 p.m. Thursday and plan to resume the search on Friday.

Ryan Smith, manager of the Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue Team, confirmed shortly after 10 p.m. Thursday that Wang had been found alive.

“She has been located,” he told Glacier Media via email. “He’s alive and well, that’s a great conclusion.”

She was hiking through Golden Ears Park with three other people and arrived at Steve’s Lookout at around 2:45 pm on Tuesday. The group headed back to the camp site, and after 15 minutes of hiking, the group leader realized that Wang was missing. They returned looking for Wang but could not find her.

The leader went towards the trail entrance to inform the park ranger and the police.

More than 40 search and rescue volunteers from across the Lower Mainland joined the search on Thursday in rugged mountainous and wooded terrain. Golden Ears Park is one of BC’s largest parks with an area of ​​over 62,000 hectares.

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