Naomi Campbell welcomes second child at age 53

Naomi Campbell has welcomed her second child announced on Instagram on Thursday.

The 53-year-old supermodel posted a photo of the newborn boy in her arms, bundled up in a white hat and matching outfit. The photo shows Campbell and his daughter holding the baby’s hand.

Campbell wrote in the caption, “My little darling, know that you are very much loved and surrounded by love since you made us proud with your presence.” “Blessed, a true gift from God! Welcome babyboy. #mumoftwo,

The English model, who gave birth to her first child at the age of 50, said: “It’s never too late to be a mother.”

Several celebrities commented on Campbell’s post, congratulating her on the new addition to their family.

Actress Zoe Saldana wrote, “Oh my god! You’re welcome!! Blessings upon blessings.”

“Oh my god! Already?” said designer Marc Jacobs. “I can’t believe another blessing. How wonderful!!”

Although Campbell is largely private about her personal life — she hasn’t revealed the names of her children or shown their full faces — she has spoken about the joys of motherhood in the past. She was also photographed for the cover of British Vogue in 2022 with her daughter, who was nine months old at the time.

Campbell explained, “I always knew that one day I would be a mother, but this is the greatest happiness I could ever imagine. I am lucky to have her and I know that.” british vogue, “Whatever I do, I do it for him—that’s all. It’s completely selfless, isn’t it?”

She also told the magazine that she has been encouraging her older friends to have children as well.

She said, “I’m telling them all, do it! Don’t hesitate.”

Campbell never specified whether she used a surrogate or fertility treatments to have children. However, he told British Vogue that his daughter was not adopted.

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