NFL player-turned-professional wrestler Darren Drozdov passed away at the age of 54

Darren Drozdov, who had a brief career as an NFL player and then became very famous as a professional wrestler, has passed away at the age of 54.

Drozdov played college football at Maryland and earned a spot on the Broncos as a defensive tackle in 1993, the only year he took the field in the regular season. He also spent time in the CFL with the Jets and Eagles as well.

During the 1993 preseason, Drozdov faced notoriety when he vomited on a football during a nationally televised game. Drozdov told reporters that vomiting was a problem over which he had no control.

“I get sick a lot,” Drozdov said at the time. “I was a quarterback in high school, and I started throwing up on my center back. I don’t have a lot of control there.”

After his pro football career ended, Drozdov’s bad stomach actually helped his career. He was featured in the wrestling documentary off the mat meeting Vince McMahon and coming to his office on orders, as McMahon encouraged him and nicknamed him “Puke”.

But Drozdov’s pro wrestling career was cut short when he suffered a serious spinal injury during a WWF match. When another wrestler floored Drozdov, he landed on his head and fractured two vertebrae. He never walked again.

Drozdov’s family released a statement today attributing his death to “natural causes”.

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