Olivia Rodrigo shares new single “Vampire”: Listen

Olivia Rodrigo releases “Vampire”, the lead single from her second album CourageWhich she announced earlier this week – it will release in September.

Rodrigo said in a press release about his new album, “For me, this album is about growing pains and trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life.” “I feel like I grew up 10 years between the ages of 18 and 20 — it was such an intense period of weirdness and change. I think it’s all a natural part of evolution, and hopefully the album reflects that. Rodrigo once again worked with producer Dan Nigro on the album.

“Vampire” is Rodrigo’s first single since his debut release Tart in 2021, which established her as a pop force. It resulted in two #1 singles and several other Top 10 hits, and went on to win three Grammys, including one for Best New Artist.

Rodrigo also started Zane Lowe of Apple Music About both “Vampire” and the album title Courage,

I wrote the song Super Chill on the piano in December last year. And my producer Dan and I wrapped it up in January and finished writing it. And I’ve always been a fan of songs that are very dynamic. My favorite songs are high and low, and charm you and knock you back out. And so we wanted to make a song that was on the edge throughout and that reflected the pent up anger you have about a situation.

I had (title) Courage) For a long time. I actually had this when I was making this Tart, I’m like, “I want the next one to be Courage, It was on my mind. I feel like, “Four letters, all capital letters, exactly the same Tart, i love it I just think it’s an interesting word. People use it in many interesting contexts, such as pour your heart out. I think Hate Your Guts, that’s a really interesting word. It means bravery, but it also means intuition, like listen to your inner voice. I just think that all these things coincidentally are the things I’m really thinking about in this chapter.

The track is accompanied by a music video directed by Petra Collins, who also directed Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” and “Brutal” videos. Watch and listen below.


Courage Is out 9/8 via Geffen.

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