Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Guts: Release date, track list and everything you need to know

Mark your calendars for September 8th and start planning your best purple outfit now, because Olivia Rodrigo’s new album is coming soon! I REPEAT, NEW OLIVIA RODRIGO MUSIC COMING SOON! The musician officially announced the release date for his highly anticipated second album and it’s closer than you think.

Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, including a release date and one-word title.

What is the name of Olivia Rodrigo’s second album?

The musician had been teasing new music for weeks, leading fans to believe that something was in the works. (was she inspired by her good friend Taylor Swift, the queen of the easter egg? Possibly!) On June 26, he took to twitter to share that her second album is called Courage, was coming soon; his last album, TartWas released in 2021.

Rodrigo wrote, “My second album Guts is coming out Sept 8th.” “I’m so proud of this record and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! You can keep it safe now! xoxoxoxo.”

Earlier, Rodrigo talked about his expectations for such a successful debut album, stating Board In 2022 she was “exploring” new ideas and enjoying it while trying not to put too much pressure on herself. He added, “It’s definitely a different experience to write a second album after the first album got such a good response.” “However, I still write most of my music in my bedroom, and I don’t think that experience will ever change. Hope writing songs will always be a medium for me to process my feelings before anything else.

Courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo

When will the second album of Olivia Rodrigo come out?

Courage Slated to release on September 8, 2023.

Rodrigo said in a statement, “For me, this album is about growing pains and trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life.” “I feel like I grew up 10 years between the ages of 18 and 20 — it was such an intense period of weirdness and change. I think it’s all a natural part of evolution, and hopefully the album reflects that.

but what will happen Courage track list?

Rodrigo previously announced that the album’s first single, “Vampire”, would be officially released on June 30 and gave fans a glimpse of the promo art, which features a black and white shot of Rodrigo with a light purple necklace around his neck. Color bar. Would be a vampire bite. fans could Too To hear a snippet of the song, call the Heartbreak Hotline at 323-622-SOUR. Judging from the snippet, “Vampire” appears to be a slow piano-centric song like “Driver’s License”, not a pop-punk anthem like “Good 4 U”.

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