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memeet yours soulmate or simply have the opportunity to meet people outside one’s usual circle: previously viewed with a bit of suspicion, today theonline dating it is a widely accepted practice.

In an increasingly connected world, dating apps and sites have multiplied in recent years, representing for many another opportunity to make new acquaintances and at the same time offering a real vision in way of understanding and living relationships and its evolution.

to take stock of new dating trends online was recently Tinder, the most popular dating app ever, which by 2023 launched the annual report Year in Swipme illustrating the top news and latest trends last year, in terms of dating.

This is what happened…

Online dating: the new trend is ‘situation’

What are singles looking for on Tinder? An increasingly widespread trend seems to be that of situation. Halfway between an official relationship and a friendship, it is essentially about a romantic relationship free of definitions or rules. On Tinder, there was a 49% increase in biomentions for this trend. Not only that, 1 in 10 users said that she was looking for a situation as a solution for live relationships in a more serene and peaceful way.

non-solo drink

Make a date for a dinner or a classic drink? Well, this seems to be quite an outdated trend. In fact, according to Tinder’s report, activities like have increased on the app’s timeline. “Let’s go to the beach” (10%), “Picnic” (23%) and “Let’s have a coffee” (25%), showing how single they are now looking for less traditional dating and maybe even more authentic. Among other ideas for a first date, activities like camping, barbecues, trying new things and street foodjoin the top 10 app stakeholders globally.

Online dating: sense of humor wins

Among the most valued qualities in a potential play (that is, when two people like each otherthat is, they swipe right on their respective profiles) there seems to be instead the sense of humor but that’s not all: 73% of young people say they are looking for someone say clearly what you want and have good hygiene. However, in the search for a soul mate, the most important qualities are confirmed by those related to share values, such as loyalty (79%), respect (78%), open-mindedness (61%) and respect for physical appearance (56%).

The importance of supporting social causes

Among the most interesting data that emerged in the report is also the one that highlights how the 75% of Tinder subscribers are looking for a partner who is committed to social issues. For young Italians, for example, I the rights of the LGBTQ+ community are paramount, with Pride, Queer and LGBTQ respectively in second, fourth and fifth place among the most popular social causes in Italy. While globally, interest in activism and voting rights increased 84% and 37% on Tinder profiles this year.

Online dating: under the sign of authenticity

Not only that: in 2022 Tinder relaunched the traditional blind date with feature match in the darkthat allowed you to chat with a person without seeing their profile: the new function was used an average of 200,000 times a day, demonstrating how the authenticity and vibes of the world before smartphones They are increasingly sought after.

Tell me what sign are you…

online dating

Finally, among the trends of the year, also that of rely on the stars to find a possible compatibility. In fact, writing your zodiac sign on your profile is now a top priority, along with your smoking, pet and dietary preferences. THE more inclined to reveal their zodiac sign? would seem to be Leo, Scorpio and Cancer. However, perhaps the most surprising fact is that most of the time Matches on Tinder are between people of the same sign.

Couple relationship, the ten questions about your partner that you should know how to answer

Couple relationship, the ten questions about your partner that you should know how to answer

Online Dating: Can You Really Fall In Love On Tinder?

Trends aside, what is now certain is that, if until recently it was thought that the dating app comes tinder were primarily intended for the seeker Reports of ‘hit and run’today the the perspective has definitely changed.

“Ten years ago, when the app launched, the world of online dating was very ‘hit and run.’ Today, however, a person connecting on Tinder would find something very different: along with the very clear and explicit proposals for sexual encounters, in fact, they often also find romantic statementssometimes too much”. To say it is Carolina Traverso, psychologist and psychotherapist who for years has watched the Tinder phenomenon and who, on the famous dating app, met the man who became her husband.

Helpful tips

“The truth is that tinder is an amplifier: and this is the first aspect that you have to take care of –says Carolina Traverso– whoever is cynical is even more so in a dating app. Those who want to lie and cheat on their partner are even easier to do on Tinder… The same goes for those who really want to fall in love and on Tinder it becomes even more romantic. This happens because the first contact happens with a set of photos and a succession of words and in that we can project all».

In short, apps like Tinder can certainly be a resource for those looking for a stable relationship and for those who want to find love, as long as, however, Pay attention to some aspects.

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Helpful tips for falling in love on Tinder? Carolina Traverso suggested a few and we’ve compiled them in the gallery above.


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