Christmas market against breast cancer: mammography objective

Un Christmas market rich, very rich in Christmas gift ideas original, good and beautiful, for all tastes and for all budgets. Even this year Association Dragonflies Onluswhich has been taking women’s health to heart since 2015 with breast and ovarian cancer through thehospitality and the follow-up sanitariohas organized a Market with the aim of buy … Read more

Premature aging in post-pandemic adolescents

  Lockdown, social distancing, solitude are some of the aspects of the Covid experience that they left deep marks on people and adolescents mostly. Signs on the body, but also and perhaps more in soul and mind since, as confirmed by several studies, they have contributed to increasing anxiety and psychological disorders. Premature aging for … Read more

The masks are back and not just for Covid

NAlthough they had become part of our culture, they have been going for weeks now masks are no longer used. Experts, however, suggest to return to this good practiceespecially as Christmas approaches. The possibilities that infections will increase are very concrete with dinner parties and family and friends gatherings. Although they have become part of … Read more

Breast cancer: Bianca Balti’s choice to reduce the risk

IBreast cancer is the form of cancer more frequent in the female population. The National Institute of Health estimates that in Italy in 2020 have been diagnosed approx 55,000 new cases. One out of nine Italian women, therefore, has the theoretical probability, over a lifetime, of being affected. In addition to the diagnostic testsfor some … Read more

Compulsive shopping: what it is and 5 strategies to control it

offers, and discounts on the first purchase. And again, Black Friday, promotions and further discounts if you subscribe to the newsletter or reach a certain number of points. Everything is designed to make us buy. Between online shopping and physical stores, these times of year are the fertile ground for the development of compulsive shopping, … Read more

The perfect breakfast according to nutritionists

Land Italian breakfasts have become too sweet. The classic appointment at the bar includes a croissant and coffee, while cornflakes, biscuits, rusks, and muffins are the protagonists in the family. All this often translates into many sugars and many fats in the body. Glycemic stress. It doesn’t matter that on the cereal package there is … Read more

Cherophobia: meaning, causes and curiosities

“C”herophobia”, that is, the fear of being happy has become almost a catchphrase thanks to Martina Attilio one of the competitors FactorX12 who showed up at the auditions with a song of the same name. An exciting piece, in which the young artist perfectly explained what it is about: it’s not negativity anxiety that it even takes … Read more

Hallux valgus so you can put your neckline back on

For God’s sake, the sneakers are beautiful and comfortable, and now they go with everything. But we want to put a pair of Blahinks? However, because of the big toe, sandals and stilettos remain in the shoe rack. Y every time they try to put on they are painful. Even strong. because at some point … Read more