Mouth cancer: beware of HPV, smoking and alcohol

L‘HPVthe human papilloma virus, not only causes me cervical cancers. Far from it: when the virus is present, especially some strains such as HPV16, the risk increases dYo develop oral cavity tumors, pharynx and larynx. But be careful not to think that the virus is the only risk factor: the consumption of alcohol and tobacco … Read more

Swedish massage what it is: benefits, contraindications

ISwedish massage is indicated in the treatment of headache, gastrointestinal complaints, muscular problems, circulatory disorders and even anxiety. Undoubtedly, it can help to improve the psychophysical state and contributes to the general relaxation of the body, especially in periods of high stress. But what are the benefits and for whom is it indicated? we asked … Read more

Motivational phrases for difficult times | iO Woman

whatHow many times in life do you need motivational quotes that can help overcome moments of difficulty? Whether it is a distressa setback in the To work or simply to get out, possibly unscathed, of a when everything, absolutely everything seems to go wrongbe able to find some comfort can make a difference. If then, … Read more

Therapeutic writing: what it is, how it works, what it is for

Swrite to yourself, put feelings and emotions on paper, tell about events, especially negative ones. In other words, paper ventilation. This is the purpose of journaling and especially therapeutic writing.: «Writing has always been a great resource for people. Through writing, the focus on one’s inner discomfort or torment can find expression and become one. … Read more