Prescription Verification for Prepaid: The system crashed

Failure in the system affects the distribution of drugs by social work in La Plata and different parts of the province and city

He College of Pharmacists of La Plata (CFLP) A condemned Computer attack against Beneficiary Identity Verification System The number of prepaid drug companies and social causes cripple the sale of drugs in a good part of Amba and other parts of the country.

In a statement issued by the unit, it was informed that “the distribution of medicines, under social work coverage, is being affected by problems related to pharmacies.”

As explained by the entity, authorization to grant a discount must be requested online for each associate at the time of purchase, but this operation is affected by a “failure in the system (possible hacking)”. imed Online Verification of Health and Pharmacy Transactions”.

From bizlandThe company that manages the IMED system for the firm PharmaLinkThe problems were confirmed last May 12.

Bijland disclosed that it was “the victim of a hacking attempt, which did not mean the theft of sensitive data from beneficiaries and providers, but affected the operation of its communication network, leading to the impossibility of on-line verification of consumption”. Health”.

“The attack didn’t overcome the barriers to this type of intrusion that the company has, but it did affect communications servers, which is why verification from pharmacies and health providers is likely to be affected,” he said.

Pharmalink Statement

Pharmalink Statement

Infobey said the firm’s sources indicated that the victim of the attack was one of its suppliers and that a ransom request was made, but it was not granted and a criminal complaint was filed.

In addition, the college indicated that the company in charge of the system is “working to restore normal communications as soon as possible” so that members can “use this same exemption.”

It elaborated that the condition affects “many social functions” and highlighted Institute of Medical Aid Action (IOMA)Which helps workers in the province of Buenos Aires.

“The pharmaceutical community of our city is very concerned about the situation and is waiting for it to be resolved as soon as possible in order to provide normal service to the members,” it was indicated.