Price in Argentina on 20 April

global cryptocurrency market total a US$1.24 trillion capitalization in more than 10,757 coins who posts dashboard koingeco, Thus, the Blackboard of Digital Currencies registered a Down 2% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin price in Argentina is 823,532.42 pesos

Bitcoin price in Argentina is 12,118,900.00 pesos

bitcoin dominance reached at 44.29%, with Compare 18.74% of Ethereum.

What is the price of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?

This Thursday, April 20, the Citation The following was the average of major cryptocurrencies globally:

  • Bitcoin: $28,370.00 (-3.12%)
  • Ethereum: $1,929.87 (-2.45%)
  • Ripple: $0.47 (-4.98%)
  • Cardano: $0.40 (-5.04%)
  • Solana: $21.94 (-4.98%)
  • Polkadot: $6.13 (-4.28%)
  • Tron: $0.07 (-0.84%)
  • Dogecoin: $0.08 (-5.72%)
  • Polygon: $1.05 (-5.47%)

How much is bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies worth in Argentina?

This Thursday, April 20, the Citation Average of major cryptocurrencies in Argentina Exchange The following were:

  • Bitcoin: $12,118,900.00
  • Ethereum: $823,532.42
  • BNB: $137,647.73
  • Cardano: $172.90
  • Poladot: $454.36
  • Solana: $9,879.60
  • Waves: $211.33

for their part, Digital Dollar or Crypto Dollar They were located as follows:

  • USDT: $427.19
  • Babysitter: $436.99
  • Bus: $434.10
  • USDC: $450.75

This much difference between major digital dollars was around 52.55% with official and 0.99% with parallel

Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina and how to save them?

cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange, usually consisting of a Shared public record of transactions (blockchain).

But apart from that, they offer the prospect of Argentina save legally and online in a device that quoted in dollars And without the limits of the exchange market,

Ways to get them are:

  • exchanges: Are Digital equivalent of Exchange House traditional, allow to buy Digital currencies with peso or dollar, through local payment methods. are most important Satoshi Tango, Bitso, BunBit, Lemon, Bello and ArgenBTC
  • p2p platform: markets that Match people looking to buy digital assets with people looking to sell, Balances of bank or fintech accounts, cryptocurrencies, gift cards and payment systems (PayPal, Payoneer, etc.) can be exchanged. most popular Airtm, Binance and Paxful

He functioning It’s almost identical to:

  • A user indicates how much he wants to buy
  • Pay market value (Supply-Ask)
  • Indicate how you will pay: bank transfer or fintech (eg Mercado Pago), PayPal balance, other cryptocurrencies, collection network (eg PagoF├ícil), etc.
  • If you work with an exchange, you will receive your pesos directly and can exchange them for virtual currencies.
  • In the case of P2P, another user (the broker) accepts the order, to whom funds must be transferred in order to receive the crypto.

On the other hand, for save coins Four mechanisms can be used:

  • Software Wallet: are applications that are downloaded cell phone or computersuch as trust and metamask
  • Hardware Purse: equipment that They look like a flash drive and can be connected to a cell phone. or a PC via bluetooth To use money, such as Trezor and Ledger (must be purchased on the official site to prevent money theft)
  • paper wallet: The public key or seed phrase (of a list of 12, 18, or 24 words in English) on a piece of paper and used to recover it in one of the two previous wallets
  • Exchange: virtual exchange house Manages the private key on behalf of the user so that you can work from its interface

Paper and hardware are both called cold wallet or cold walletbecause they are not connected to the internet And hence it cannot be hacked. On the other hand, software ones are called warm Purse,

In the first two cases, User is the one who manages your data: connects to the blockchain using the private key or seed phrase you typed paper wallet,

in the matter of exchange coinsthis company will take care of it Access Management: Customers will be able to access their crypto assets username and password, and recover the latter in case of forgetfulness.

instead, If you lose the seed phrase or private key, you will not be able to access your funds. Therefore, storage on exchanges is only Recommended for novice users or those dedicated to trading.