Proposed Disneyland livestream ban gains momentum

Your favorite Disneyland livestream may be closed forever.

Disney live streamers bring the magic of Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney to thousands of fans at home. But Disneyland Resort guests who meet him in person often report disruptive, transgressive experiences. A TikToker allegedly hurled obscenities at guests to make them leave the area where he wanted to film. Another YouTube couple gained notoriety last year when they reportedly visited a Southern California Disney park while infected with COVID-19.

This week, Disney Parks fans moved to reddit The ethics of live streaming at the Disneyland Resort will once again be debated. Once again, an overwhelming majority called for a permanent livestream ban.

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“A YouTuber can find quiet places to film, they can theoretically ask people for permission to be in shots etc.” u/Matcha_Maiden Argued. “A livestreamer filming everyone without permission, being extremely annoying on the ride (we’ve all seen them on rides this time) and generally not behaving like well-mannered guests. There may be exceptions, but I think live streaming needs to be banned.

“Exactly,” u/why is it always adp Agreed. “By seeing them you are encouraging it all the more.”

While some said that Disneyland Resort guests should not expect privacy, most argued that Disney could and should change that. In 2022, Tokyo Disney Resort introduced stricter guidelines on vlogging and filming, effectively banning live streaming. A few months later, the Disneyland Resort banned all filming on Space Mountain.

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“Disneyland is not a public place,” u/EmbarrassedBass9281 wrote. “This is private property you have to pay to enter LMAO. Not wanting to be filmed is not unreasonable.

u/25_hr_photo Suggested Disneyland livestream ban may also benefit people behind cameras, ruining Disney parks for other guests And Self.

“I saw my first live streamer a few months ago when I went with my parents and girlfriend,” the fan recalled. “This guy was 30 or 40 years old and walking into Alice in Wonderland alone, with a very blank expression on his face, with the wires from his phone going into his backpack. He wasn’t looking at anything, just staring blankly at his phone and answering people. To see this man running on autopilot… it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”

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Please note that the story mentioned in this article is based on personal Disney park guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily reflect Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney park operations.

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