PwC seeks employees in Argentina: how to apply

The firm, which provides advisory, audit and insurance services, plans to expand its team with a number of opportunities. Requirements to Apply

In recent times, Hiring slowdown, mainly in the technology industryWho reduced the supply of jobs In a context where at the same time they are in high demand.

global industry giants like Google, Meta or Microsoft They were pushed to the limit and forced to reduce their workforce by dozens with massive layoffs, and Argentina There was no exception.

However, there is always a glimmer of hope: there is still a wide diversity in other regions. job offers For which trained professionals are required in various fields. Thus, a global consultant such as PwC seeks talent in Argentina this 2023,

“In the last year, 2,500 new talents were inducted and currently we have 800 opportunities open for various occupations,” he revealed iProUP Pablo Granado, Managing Director of Human Capital, PwC Argentina.

PwC is looking for talent in Argentina this 2023: Profile you are looking for and requirements

more than 328,000 talents in 152 countries, PwC provides insurance, tax and legal advisory, auditing, consulting and outsourcing services globally, Locally, the company has been operating since 1913 and its offices are distributed Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and Rosario even more 4,500 associates,

with an important plan of expanding your work teamThe firm is looking to hire more and more professionals throughout this year.

PwC Argentina is looking to hire talent with over 400 open vacancies in Country

PwC Argentina is looking to hire talent with over 400 open vacancies in Country

Thus, the multinational wants Staff for the following areas,

  • Consultancy
  • finance
  • programming
  • design
  • innovation
  • cloud technology
  • statistics
  • artificial intelligence
  • analytics
  • human resource
  • Cyber ​​security
  • product
  • Management
  • Insurance

“Just to mention a few, we are looking to engage more professionals with technical profiles (transformation, oracle, systems audit) and business support areas such as marketing, human resources and finance. Not only in Buenos Airesbut also in our Offices in Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario and other strategic points in the country”, giving details to Granado about the profiles they plan to include.

Middle RequirementsIn general, Granado mentions that they are looking for People “desire to grow and develop in a collaborative work environment and continuous learning,

And he adds: “It’s important to demonstrate Ability to adapt to new environments and multidisciplinary work teams where relationship skills always come into play, Too We are looking for not only trained professionals but also people who are taking their first steps,

For certain positions in particular, PwC Argentina spokespeople indicate that they want Profile with an advanced command of the English language And recently they have added some positions with French language requirement.

With respect to IT profiles, the company focuses on Developers, Functional Analysts, SAP consultants, Oracle, Cyber ​​Security, System Auditing, Data Analytics and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) profiles.


Company is looking for people who want to grow and develop in a collaborative work environment and continuous learning

Benefits offered by PwC Argentina

consulted about benefitsGranado commented PwC Argentina have a “comprehensive value proposition where you always add Development, Recognition, Wellbeing and Community,

According to the HR executive, the idea is that talent can “get promoted, receive solid opportunities for professional development and live a different experience”.

they get it Wellness programs, a hybrid-flexible work model, technical training for current and future needsCollaborative environment, inclusion and diversity, being part of a global network of professionals, volunteer program, among other benefits.

Similarly, integration activities are often carried out in its ‘Meeting Days’, which include after office events such as brunch, raffles, and trivia,

“We always want to have a good time and have fun for Enhance our work environment beyond traditional benefitswhich we also offer,” says the spokesperson for PwC Argentina.

These “traditional benefits” he mentioned are the following:

  • prepaid with passbook
  • free plan for gym
  • Exclusive discounts at supermarkets, fuel and universities
  • variable compensation
  • Extra days for exams and holidays
  • birthday

Wellness programs, a blended-flexible work model and technical training are just some of the benefits PwC Argentina offers to its employees

On the other hand, based on what was mentioned about training, Granado points out that he has several IT certification and agreements with several universities In which all his associates can participate.

“A critical approach focused on continuous process improvement and an innovation mindset is critical. We are in constant change and expect our community of experts to accompany these changes with agility and develop new skills, techniques and relationship and communication skills. Is”, summarizes the head of PwC

How to apply for the job in PwC?

All those interested in applying for one of the approved offers pwc need access to argentina this link And select the post for which you are interested.

Once there, the applicant has to click on the “apply Now, (apply Now) And then you will be asked to fill in a series of personal data in addition to attach your resume,

In turn, the group has a LinkedIn Profile Where you can also find some of your job vacancies.