Quentin Miller wants to accomplish what his idol Carey Price failed to do: bring the Stanley Cup back to Montreal

Nashville | Goaltender Quentin Miller grew up idolizing Carey Price. Selected by the Montreal Canadiens in the fourth round of the repechage on Thursday, he now aims to achieve what his ideal failed to do: bring back 25I Stanley Cup in Metropolis.

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The Quebec Remparts’ goaltender was not in Nashville, unsure of his selection. So he along with his family watched the selection session from his living room.

“Canadiens is the team that I have been watching since I was very young. Carey Price is the reason why I became a goalkeeper. It is an incredible honor to be a part of this organization. I watched all their games when I was younger and it’s weird to think that I’ve become a member of their organization.

When asked why Carey Price encouraged him to become a guard, Miller laughed and changed his mind.

“Actually, I started goalkeeping because of my two older brothers at the base. We were still playing mini-hockey and he sent me to the net because I was the youngest. Back then, Carey Price became my role model because she’s cool, confident, and athletic. So I started because of my brothers, but it was Price who inspired me to persevere.

Be part of the solution

The Canadiens loaded up on goaltenders on Thursday. He first claimed Jacob Fowler in the third round, Miller at the end of the fourth round, then Russian goalkeeper Yevgeny Volokhin.

“My goal is to help the team win the Stanley Cup. Even if Price didn’t do it, he’s a generational keeper, a legend. My target is to be like him, but to win a cup.

learning season

He wasn’t in Nashville because he wasn’t sure he would be selected since he didn’t play a lot of games last season. William Russo’s assistant with the Remparts, he only played 20 games in the regular season before watching the entire playoffs off the bench.

“I knew that there were many factors that could work against me and I tried to keep my expectations as low as possible. I told myself that if I don’t get drafted, it doesn’t mean it’s the end.

“However, I learned a lot last season. Standing side by side with legends like Justin Robidas and Nathan Goucher, I saw what it was like to be a pro. In practice, the guys were strong! I gained a lot of experience and improved on many technical points.

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