Rob Gronkowski says he’s troubled by the ‘weird’ Baby Gronk situation

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former all-pro NFL Tight end Rob Gronkowski recently expressed his disapproval of “Baby Gronk” during an appearance on a podcast, and discomfort over the 10-year-old Madden San Miguel’s social media hype. Gronkowski’s comments were made during an appearance on Will Compton and Taylor Levan’s podcast at Tight End University in Nashville.

When Levan asked about Baby Gronk, Gronkowski explained that one of his brothers had asked him about the baby several weeks earlier. And in saying so, he shared that the Gronkowski family was being constantly harassed by the child’s father, Juan San Miguel.

“My brother said to me – I said ‘Yo, have you seen Baby Gronk yet?’ He says, ‘Did I see him? His dad already hit me 500 times,” Gronkowski said. “He says ‘Don’t do anything to him.’ Father is very troublesome. … It’s up to the point where it’s weird. it is so far.”

Levan and Compton suggested that Gronkowski was the only person who could stop the promotion of Baby Gronk, leading Gronkowski to mock the Cease and Desist against the boy’s father.

Maiden San Miguel, an incredibly large elementary school student Who currently has more than 327,000 followers on Instagram And it has been touted as the next great football prospect, catapulted into the limelight several weeks ago through a promotion with LSU gymnast Olivia Dunn. However, San Miguel’s lavish promotion by his father, coupled with stories of overzealous “stage parents” have raised major concerns about Internet fame profiting from children.

Some compared the “Baby Gronk” phenomenon to the troubled life of former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich, who had significant drug problems in his adult life after being intensively trained by his father to become a professional athlete. Others, such as former NFL player Chris Long, expressed strong objections to how San Miguel may have been affected by his father’s actions later in life.

“I don’t mind making a profit off the internet, that’s what we’re all doing. But the difference is, we’re not using a 10-year-old to do it.” Long said on his podcast, “You should be concerned about how it will affect baby Gronk as he grows up.”

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