Rockets acquire Dillon Brooks to strengthen wing defense

The Houston Rockets are boosting their wing defense by signing Dillon Brooks from Memphis, though it’s not yet clear whether the free agency acquisition will be a signature or a sign-and-trade.

A 6-foot-6, 27-year-old wing, Brooks averaged 14.5 points (34.2% on 3-pointers) in 28.7 minutes over six seasons with the Grizzlies. His primary value appears to be a tough, hard-nosed point guard with considerable defensive versatility, though it is possible that his shooting numbers could improve if new Rockets head coach Ime Udoka improves Brooks’ shot selection. Can work to help build.

Shams Charaniya of Athletic reports,

The Houston Rockets are close to a deal with Memphis Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks, league sources told The Athletic on Saturday. Houston has been trading around the league and could turn Brooks’ deal with Memphis into a sign-and-trade.

The contract is for four years and $80 million, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and his annual salary will descend by the year, no player or team option, athletic reports,

It is not yet known what the terms of the sign-and-trade will be, though it could potentially allow the Rockets to save their financial room for another addition under the NBA’s 2023-24 salary cap. Afterwards Milwaukee’s Brooke missed LopezGeneral manager Raphael Stone and the Rockets are working to find another veteran to potentially fill the role of a defensive-minded big man.

If, hypothetically, the Rockets were to trade a salaryman player like J’Sean Tate ($6.5 million) in a deal for Brooks, it could reallocate that money to a big man.

So, for now, here’s a look at the immediate reaction and key findings related to Houston’s deal with Brooks. It should be noted that although Brooks certainly brings a high level of composure and defensive solidity, it has occasionally led to some controversial antics in recent years – such as his back and forth with lebron james In the 2023 playoffs.

From the Rockets’ perspective, he hopes that Udoka’s leadership and guidance can help alleviate this.

Dillon Brooks, Rockets Deal Reaction

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The story originally appeared on Rockets Wire

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