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Saksham Yuva

Saksham Yuva is a campaign launched by the Government of India to create awareness about the responsible use of petroleum products among the youth. The campaign is being run by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), which is an organization under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

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Total Approved 219516 118005 58906 396427
Currently Approved 186549 73988 27008 287545
Assigned honorary work 33708 85439 54254 173401
Currently working 4467 12913 6741 24121
Applicants Placed Permanently (Govt. /Private /Outsource /Apprenticeship) 1673 4406 2854 8933

Employment Department, Haryana

The campaign aims to educate the youth about the importance of fuel conservation and the ways in which they can contribute to it. It focuses on raising awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of fuel conservation and encourages the youth to adopt fuel-efficient practices in their daily lives.

The campaign includes a variety of activities such as competitions, workshops, and seminars to engage the youth and create awareness about fuel conservation. It also includes an award scheme to recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to fuel conservation.

The campaign is being promoted through various channels such as social media, print media, and radio to reach a wide audience. It is also being implemented in schools and colleges to reach the youth directly.


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In summary, The Saksham Yuva campaign is an initiative by the Government of India to create awareness about the responsible use of petroleum products among the youth and to encourage fuel-efficient practices. It is being implemented by PCRA and targeting the young audience through various channels and activities.

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SAKSHAM Yuva Assigned honorary work · Currently working · Applicants Placed Permanently (Govt. /Private /Outsource /Apprenticeship) ; 33708 · 4467 · 1673 ; 85439 · 12913 · 4406 …
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