Salmon, the beneficial properties of the king of parties

Prefined, delicious and with an inimitable taste, salmon is among the protagonists of the Christmas holidays. Besides being source of well-being, in particular proteins, vitamins, such as B6 and B12, phosphorus and selenium but also omega 3. In particular, the Royal salmona very special, and also rare, quality coming from distant New Zealand waters: «It represents less than 1% of the world population of salmon, it is particularly rich in proteins that help support the joints, the heart and the brain» he says Charlotte Christensen, global marketing Manager di Regal, New Zealand King Salmon.

Salmon, Italians love fish from distant seas

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Smoked or fresh, in sushi or baked, Italians are salmon lovers. This is confirmed by a constantly growing trend that demonstrates how our country is a huge importer of this fine fishcoming from distant and cold waters.

As explains the Norwegian Seafood Council, in the last ten years the Salmon imports to Italy have practically doubled and in 2022 alone, the frequency of purchasing this fish increased by 4.3%, the expenditure of each individual buyer by 5.9% and the penetration of salmon on the market by 73.1% compared to other fish products. With one key detail: despite the increases in the market, Italy continues to like salmon.

Salmon, the nutritional properties of the protagonist of the festive table

And the reason for so much love is very simple. Taste aside, salmon is very nutritious: this oily fish contains about 10% more fat than other fish. Also it is one huge source of noble proteinsbetween polyunsaturated acids, mineral salts and vitamins, allows you to fill up on omega 3 and 6, and above all ensures good heart health.

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Not only that but the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids allow you to keep cholesterol levels under control and help keep the nerve functions of the brain always activeprotecting him from any development of depression or stroke. Rich in vitamins D and B12 which acts positively on the body not only because it is a source of calcium, so as to keep the skeleton in shape, but also because it stimulates cellular metabolism. Salmon indeed enjoys antioxidant properties and precisely this action of its allows not only to counteract the appearance of free radicals but also to curb cellular aging thanks to the drive for continuous renewal.

King Salmon, from the waters of New Zealand to Italy

To these typical properties of salmon, we must add those of particular species of Royal salmon, a particular variety that has just arrived in Italy from New Zealand. Particularly loved by experts for its taste and culinary qualities, it melts in the mouth and has a very particular flavour, King Salmon is raised by New Zealand King Salmon, the largest producer in the world of this particular type, in the deep of Marlborough Sounds, an area located in the northern part of the South Island of New Zealand, between the deep, cold and crystalline waters of Pelorus Sound and Queen Charlotte Sound.

«It is a very rare species and is sought after by chefs both for its taste, very rich but delicate, and for its properties. This particular salmon, in fact, it accounts for less than 1% of the world’s salmon population, 0.7% to be exactand the fact of breeding it in huge spaces, between cold and crystalline waters, makes it very rich in beneficial properties. A dish that is truly rich in protein» explains the expert.

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Available from Carrefour, the particular taste of this type is due to the smoking on manuka wood, traditionally used in New Zealand. During this process, the salmon is doused with a manuka honey glaze and then roasted on wood chips to give it a unique aroma, taste and nutritional properties.


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