‘Sound of Freedom’ eyes grand $20 million debut

The biggest disappointments of the summer – and sleepers – are hitting theaters within a few days of each other.

,Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyThe weekend grossed a modest $60 million, combined with a weak global performance at the US box office. Combining those figures with the film’s reported $295 million budget, it means that Dr. Indiana Jones is headed for retirement.

Meanwhile, the second big release from a budding film studio looks to be off to an impressive start with a story unlike anything else in the summer film market.

“Sound of Freedom,” starring Jim Caviezel in the fact-based tale of child trafficking, has already sold $10 million in pre-sales ahead of today’s official release. Angel Studios’ aggressive, pay-ahead policy means it could be a hit even before it hits single screens.

The news is even better for the studio, which expanded beyond its small screen offerings (the dry bar comedy, “The Chosen”) earlier this year with “His Only Son.”

Far-left deadline predicts “freedom’s sound” earn 20 million dollars On 2,600+ screens in first 6 days of release. This is much less than “Dial of Destiny” (4,600) as well as most major films released in the South.

“Sound of Freedom” represents the best of summer movie counter-programming. It’s serious, restrained, and a stark contrast to the roller-coaster genre movies like “The Flash” and “Fast X.”

“Time and time again, Angel fans have proven that they will support films that are entertaining and inspiring, and ‘Sound of Freedom’ is no exception,” Jared Gacy, SVP of Global Distribution for Angel Studios, said in a statement. ” “We are now close to our goal of selling two million tickets for this opening week as a symbol of the two million children trapped in the horrors of trafficking each year. ,

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The film is not getting much help from Rotten Tomatoes.

The release is not featured in the “New and Upcoming” section on its home page. The slideshow-like gallery shows 20 films (both obscure and mainstream titles) but omits “Sound of Freedom”.

The site’s critical roundup, as of early July 4, holds an impressive 85 percent/99 percent “Fresh” rating from critics/viewers.

Variety warmly recommends the film, but not before Attacking both Christians and conservatives in his review.

“Sound of Freedom” has been heavily marketed on right-wing media like Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, and – one of the grand subtexts of it all – raising the issue of the horrific criminals who kidnap and traffick children, the film This can be seen as a nod to the alt-right paranoia originally fueled by 4Chan and QAnon: wing-nut conspiracy theory about Washington, DC, pizza parlor being a facade for a pedophile ring , which expands into a larger conspiracy theory that says the culture of liberalism is a racket to protect and cover up the actions of pedophiles.

Child trafficking is a shocking and sad reality, which means the critic’s point doesn’t make much sense.

It hardly matters for “Sound of Freedom,” a fact-based tale on track to deliver Summer 2023 its biggest sleeper success story yet.

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