Sports and fitness applications, what they are for and the five best


Lhe year that is about to end has brought many confirmations and innovations in the field of fitness. If the pandemic has revealed anything, it is that doing sport is essential not only for the body but above all for the mind. And it is from this point of view, in addition to that of limited daily time, that the fitness app to keep fit thanks to personalized workouts it’s a personalized nutritional plan.


Sports and fitness app, an announced success

Having a personal trainer within reach of your smartphone or smartwatch: fitness apps are based on this principle and their success has been based on it. As also confirmed by European Health and Fitness: last summer it published the report of 2021 Highlighting Tremendous Growth In Fitness App Subscriber Count. Only last year there were 2.4 million new members, which shows that they are many people prefer to train at home own, or even outdoors, instead of in the gym.

However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Earlier this year, the American College of Sports Medicine published i Sports trends that would have depopulated during 2022 And, on the heels of all the wearables between smartwatches and heart rate monitors, thehome fitness.

The advantages of home fitness, practicing sports at home following the apps

And if for someone exercising at home is not like in the gym where they are constantly supervised, for others practicing sports in their comfort zone at home is a great advantage. Of course, it also means transforming your living room into a small gym, complete with free weights, mats and dumbbells, but many seem to prefer this method, which allows great time flexibility, to the classic annual subscription in some gym

Not to mention another great advantage: fitness apps can be taken anywheretraining even when you are outside or just in the fresh air, which is becoming more and more popular as the American College study shows.

Fitness app for sports: five to choose from

1. Fit is beauty, for a complete program for a few minutes a day

From the blog to the book, from the book to the application. Behind Fit is the beauty Giulia Caleffato, fitness instructor and wellness and nutrition coach. real daily guide, the app offers daily workouts of 25 minutes each to perform three times a weekalternating with those of 10 minutes and directed to a specific area of ​​the body.

Fitness diet, the 10 essential foods for a top workout

There’s also a food education plan that recommends what to eat without restrictions: «My experience as a woman and as a Fitness Instructor led me to create a method, which if followed consistently, allows you to regain physical shape and rediscover yourself Slim & Tonic thanks to easy exercises and without drastic diets. At the same time, the food education plan will teach you to choose and combine foods» explains Calefato.

A method, his, focused on build good muscle mass to improve metabolismincreasing the basal and teaching the body to expend energy even at rest.

2. Healthy Virtuoso, if you need rewards

It is ideal if you are always looking for the incentive or stimulus to train. But not only. In fact, Healthy Virtuoso works in a particular way. Every time you train, but also sleep or eat healthy, you get a prize or a voucher. By entering your data, the app records the hours of training but above all the positive and healthy habitslike sleeping 8 hours, practicing meditation and eating healthy.

Also, you can engage and challenge family or friends by involving them in a challenge. Accumulated coupons can be spent on various e-commerce sites, including Amazon.

3. Nike Training Club, with more than 200 fitness programs

Not sure what to practice? Nike Training Club was designed for this. With more than 10 million downloads, the app contains 200 programs intended to meet all needs. Extremely personalized, the trainings have a varied duration. from 5 minutes to 50 minutes and are designed to be performed at home, in the gym or in the park.

The app creates a number of custom plans based on your starting level and is also suitable for beginners.

4. Asana Rebel, to start getting closer to yoga

Sleep better, create healthy habits or have more energy every day? These are some of the objectives to choose when signing up Asana Rebel, one of the most popular yoga apps in the world. Also available in Italian, the commitment is work on your body and improve your habits in just ten minutes every day. Inside there are many exercises available, there are only 100 that help improve sleep, and they also combine yoga and its principles with some exercises for the whole body.

5. Sweat, female workout

Sweat is one of the world’s largest women’s fitness communities and was founded by personal trainer Kayla Itsines. The app is designed to meet the needs of the female body, adapting to all ages.

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The exercises are of different types, from high intensity to circuits or body weight exercises, through pilates and yoga. There are also specific ones for pregnant women.


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