Swedish massage what it is: benefits, contraindications

ISwedish massage is indicated in the treatment of headache, gastrointestinal complaints, muscular problems, circulatory disorders and even anxiety. Undoubtedly, it can help to improve the psychophysical state and contributes to the general relaxation of the body, especially in periods of high stress. But what are the benefits and for whom is it indicated? we asked the doctor luca de martinoPhysiotherapist and Osteopath.

Swedish massage: combination of techniques

It works by combining 5 techniques, each of which has its own specific action. The session begins with some touchwhich consist of superficial and light movements, with the aim of contacting the person, relaxing them and preparing them for subsequent maneuvers. We proceed, in one second stagewith the claws which differ from brushstrokes because work deeper. In this case the goal is make muscles more elasticimproving the circulation», explains the expert.

the different stages

“The massage continues with the kneading, that require more grip and energy. They aim remove catabolitesour waste substances, and oxygenate the tissues. Generally this type of maneuver is applied on districts with greater muscle mass. then goes to vibrationswhich consist of creating quick changes with the purpose of relax and “unwind” that muscle area. closes with percussionthat promote vasodilation”, continues Dr. De Martino.

Tiredness, cramps and headaches?  Maybe it's a lack of magnesium: here are all the remedies

Tiredness, cramps and headaches?  Maybe it's a lack of magnesium: here are all the remedies

The use of oils

«In Swedish massage, a type of massage is usually preferred. thicker oil is that not absorbed quickly Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil, which are all high in oleic acid, are perfect for a sessionsince they give a good lubrication. Also, adding more essential oils such as lavender or chamomilethe quality of the massage itself increases remarkably”, advises the expert.

What areas to treat

«Normally this type of massage is performed all over the body. It is possible, at the request of the interested party, to process only a few limited areas, such as only the back and lower extremities. Swedish massage is generally cash and safe if it is done by specialized staff. In case of particular pathologies that can generate doubts about whether or not to undergo this technique, it is always important to listen to the opinion of your family doctor», suggests Dr. De Martino.

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Swedish massage: duration and contraindications

“A Swedish massage session lasts 50 to 60 minutes. As with any type of massage, there are some details contraindications that they forbid this practice or who need at least medical advice in case of skin infections and scars not perfectly healed, burns or skin lesions, fever or flugrave venous insufficiency or presence of cardiovascular pathologies, tumors» concludes the expert.


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