The masks are back and not just for Covid

NAlthough they had become part of our culture, they have been going for weeks now masks are no longer used.

Experts, however, suggest to return to this good practiceespecially as Christmas approaches.

The possibilities that infections will increase are very concrete with dinner parties and family and friends gatherings.

Although they have become part of our culture, they have not been used for weeks now. Now the masks are back

Covid cases on the rise. The masks are back

As underlined by the president of Fnomceo, the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli, commenting on the current intense flu season, only in the two months of almost 2 million cases were notified in October and Novemberagainst 300 thousand in the same months of 2021.

Certainly lower number than reality, given that most people now use do-it-yourself home tests, the result of which is not communicated to the health authorities.

This means that the diffusion of the Omicron BA.5 variant is at least 10 times higher to that of the same period last year, although fortunately unlike last year, ICU admissions and deaths are decreasing.

But this year the flu worries more

The infections this time, however, are not just from Covid. There is also the flu wave with its record of cases. And it is precisely this that currently puts pressure on hospital wards. Because of this experts invite wearing the mask as an “act of responsibility” in order to avoid spreading any type of virus.

And not only in Italy

The alarm is not raised only in Italy, however. In fact, experts around the world are advising a return to masks, as this is the only simple measure it could help reduce infections and not only of Sars-Cov-2but also those of influenza and syncytial virus.

Ma if he Meloni government prefers “non-alarmistic” behaviorin other countries the return of the obligation to wear them at least indoors is being considered.

What happens in France

France was one of the first countries in Europe to talk about masks again. President Emmanuel did it a few days ago Macron who wore one during a public eventmotivating this choice as necessary in the face of a resurgence of Covid.

And not only that, because in addition to Covid, France is also facing both the flu and an epidemic of bronchiolitis.

Masks are back in the US too

In the United States, no scaremongering, but only the suggestion of a prudent attitudein the face of the resurgence of cases.

In fact, citizens they were invited to wear masks again and get vaccinated, especially with the arrival of the Christmas holidays. Also in this case, not just for the Covid-19 but also for other respiratory viruses, such as influenza and syncytial virus.

The first city that asked the population to wear a mask in every situation, always indoors and even if they are widely vaccinated, it was New Yorkbut it is also being discussed in Los Angeles.

Compulsory in enclosed spaces in Ecuador

The Government of Ecuador has been keen to assure citizens that despite the increase in infections, the numbers of hospitalizations and mortality remain stable.

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But despite this he still decided to reintroduce the mandatory use of the mask in closed spaceswhich had only been revoked on April 28, as infections rose from 680 in the last week of October to 3,688 three weeks later.


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