The Meaning Behind the First Song Ringo Starr Wrote for the Beatles: “Don’t Pass Me By”

In 1963, Ringo Starr wrote and sang his first song for The Beatles. Originally called “This Is Some Friendly”, the title was later changed to “Don’t Pass Me By”.

The song was later released on The Beatles the white album in 1968 and reached No. 1 in Denmark.

Meaning of “don’t pass me by”

The country-bent song tells the story of someone begging for love not to forget about it.

i hear your footsteps on the drive
Hear your footsteps, but they don’t come
Waiting for your knock at my old front door, darling
I don’t hear that, does that mean you don’t love me anymore?

I hear the clock tick on the mantel shelf
see the hands moving but i’m alone
I wonder where you are tonight and why am I alone
I don’t see you, does that mean you don’t love me anymore?

still waiting…

Furthermore, Starr apologizes for doubting them – even after being in a car accident and losing her hair – and is adamant as he waits for them to arrive, and his does not pass by.

don’t pass me by, don’t make me cry, don’t make me blue
‘Cause you know, darling, I only love you
You’ll never know how much it hurt me, that’s why I hate to see you go
don’t pass me by
don’t make me cry

I’m sorry I doubted you, I was so wrong
You were in a car accident, and your hair fell out
you said you’d be about an hour or two late
I said okay I’m waiting right here just waiting to hear from you

four years to record

Although Starr also wrote and co-wrote several songs for The Beatles, including “Octopus Garden,” “What Goes On,” “Maggie Mae,” “Dig It,” and “Flying,” when it comes to “Don’ “It Didn’t Pass Me By” took four years to be recorded and released by The Beatles. The song was first mentioned in a 1964 interview with the band bbc radio show top Gear, When Starr was asked if he would write a song for The Beatles, Paul McCartney interjected, singing his “Don’t Pass Me By”. don’t pass me by / don’t make me cry / don’t make me blue,

“I wrote ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ while I was sitting at home,” the star said, “I only play three strings on the guitar and three strings on the piano. I was playing the piano – I just play – and then if a melody and some words come along, I just have to keep going. So did happen.”

“I was sitting at home alone and ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ came on,” said the star. We played it from a rustic perspective. It was great to get my first song, which I wrote. It was a very exciting time for me and everyone was really helpful, and it was a thrilling moment to record that crazy violinist.

The song was first recorded under the working title “Ringo’s Tune (Untitled)” and then later as “This Is Some Friendly” before being renamed with its final title.

Ringo, Country, and Buck Owens

“Don’t Pass Me By” wasn’t Starr’s only exploration into country music. In 1965, Starr collaborated with John Lennon and McCartney to co-write the country song “What Goes On” for The Beatles. rubber Soul album.

Star also released his own country and western-influenced solo album, Beaucoupes of the Blues in 1970, and added more country twang to “So Wrong for So Long”, which he co-wrote with Dave Stewart for his 2017 album. give more love,

In 1989, Starr recorded the song “Act Naturally” as a duet with the late country legend Buck Owens (1929–2006). Originally written by Johnny Russell and first recorded by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, the song reached No. 1 on the country chart in 1963.

Long before their “Act Naturally” duet with Owens hit the Top 40, The Beatles recorded a cover of the classic country song for their fifth album, help! lead singer with Starr in 1965.

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