The scene of the mass shooting in Baltimore is strangely quiet

Mass shooting at a block party early Sunday morning shook baltimore in the weekends. A total of 30 people were shot; Two of them died and 28 were injured.

A little over a dozen victims were minors, and most of the rest were young adults. It was the worst mass shooting in Baltimore since the Civil War riots.

What happened in Brooklyn Homes is nothing new to Baltimore, or Washington, D.C., or America as a whole. And the effects of the shootings – on the victims, on the witnesses and on the entire community – will likely be felt for years. But it’s still surprising how quickly a sense of normalcy returned.

When Dale Walters of Scripps News visited the community on Monday, it was strangely quiet. There was no conversation about solutions, or about mental health concerns, or about the origins of the guns used in the shootings.

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