The TikTok trend is turning McDonald’s Grimace Shakes into mini horror movies

Grimace is the purple McDonald’s monster apparently celebrating his birthday(opens in a new tab), McDonald’s launches a new item in honor of Grimace’s big day: a purple milkshake(opens in a new tab), It is trending online.

OK, those are the basics. And although the milkshake obviously tastes great, like fruited cereal milk(opens in a new tab), It is not trending because it is very tasty. No, the grimace shake is trending because TikTokers, especially the young ones, have created a weird trend around it. Basically, someone takes a sip of a shake, says it’s great, and then closes their review. The video then plays out with dire consequences at some indeterminate point in the future. In general, the person who drank the shake mouth open(opens in a new tab)be presumed dead or dying, covered with purple(opens in a new tab), But it’s turned into this whole trend where people on TikTok effectively create mini horror movies centered on grimace shakes.

Creativity is amazing and also scary. people like In fact Good at making fake horror movies with grimace shake. Most end with similar thunderous death scenes, but some go far more weird, cinematic, or surprising.

In some ways this trend is emblematic of the corporate stupidity of celebrating an imaginary monster’s birthday with purple milkshakes. This notion is supported by the fact that most of the video features people sincerely wishing Grimace a happy birthday before meeting grim fate. The hyper-analyst in me thinks it mocks the idea of ​​a world where we ruthlessly celebrate brands and corporations.

Of course, a trend is more than a trend because…well…it’s a trend. Somewhere someone thought it would be fun to make a Grimace-themed horror TikTok and everyone else joined in. In fact, one of my favorite comedians on TikTok, @kcrocket(opens in a new tab), has been making absurd grimaces content for quite some time now. Think: grimace smuggling of nuclear material(opens in a new tab) Or torturing people saw Net(opens in a new tab), Looks like alternate universe Grimace material really does move online. It’s ridiculous to imagine a horror version of what it is, Apparently, a giant… purple… taste bud(opens in a new tab) He smiles and hugs?

Three screenshots of people trending grimace shake on Tiktok

TikTok really took off with this grimace shake trend.
Credits: Screenshot: TikTok / @maur_icio69 / @tiptickler7 / @sethxdecker

literally some of these are tiktok anything else, They are a mix of legitimately cute and disturbing. look at the scenery(opens in a new tab)Or amazing movie creation options(opens in a new tab)Or whatever is happening(opens in a new tab) Here.

I’m sure McDonald’s fully expected this shake to go as viral as their adult Happy Meals, prompting hordes of customers that angered the staff. I Don’t Think McDonald’s Ever Captured The Grimace Shake Photo That Went Viral Like this. But the internet is unpredictable and really, really weird.

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