The Witcher star gives his verdict on Liam Hemsworth replacing Henry Cavill

Magician Star Anya Chalotra has shared her opinion about this Liam Hemsworth replacing the former leading star Henry Cavill In the next season of the show.

Last year, it was announced that Cavill, who received critical acclaim as lead character Geralt of Rivia in the hit Netflix The fantasy series will end after its third season.

latest installment of Magician, which will release this week, will be the last film to be screened man of Steel actor, 40.

in a new interview withDiversity, Cavill’s co-star Chalotra revealed that the cast did not know about Cavill’s exit from the show “until after we were done filming season three”.

“And at the end of any season it’s always emotional filming — you know, that last scene you do with people you’ve worked with for eight months,” she said. “It’s always like, ‘Oh,’ but you live in the moment. And we didn’t know until after filming.

Chalotra, who has played Wengerberg’s Yennefer since season one, also said that the entire cast felt the loss of Cavill.

“He’s been with us since day one,” she said. “We have been through a lot together. Not only in this world that we’re in, it’s been five years Magician, But Covid – we’ve been through all these things together, and it’s a strong bond.

“But everything we do comes to an end. Henry is moving on from this, and it’s really exciting. We have had a wonderful five years with him and I am looking forward to the new energy coming.



Speaking about Hemsworth’s casting, Chalotra said: “Liam will be fantastic, I’m sure. I haven’t talked to him yet – well, I’ve talked to him but I haven’t met him. So yeah, I’m excited for it.”

earlier this week, the witcher’s Executive producer Steve Gobb also addressed Cavill’s replacement.

“I think, overall, Henry gave us an incredible three seasons of Geralt, but there are so many franchises that have had really strong title characters and ultimately, for whatever reason, personal decisions or, or simply the length of the time frame The title character changes the actors,” he told Radio Times.

“But you always have a force of assets that you can count on and we are counting on that world Magiciancontinent, IP (intellectual property) is the only thing that is attracting a lot of fans.

Gobb added that the team is “really excited about what Liam can give us as Geralt, as there have been different James Bonds, different Doctor Whos, different Spider-Mans.

“We are now one of those properties and our goal is to serve the property right and move forward with a really strong Geralt.”

third season of Magician Available on Netflix from 29 June.

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