There’s a Huge Family Tree Twist Hidden in the Sneaky ‘Dune 2’ Trailer

latest trailer For The Dunes: Part Two Even more epic than the first trailer, it promises to get the Atreides family saga right. For fans of the Frank Herbert novel, there’s a lot to love here, especially Paul’s fear of becoming a messiah who ends up doing more harm than good. Part of dune The ongoing appeal lies not only in its strength as a sci-fi novel, but also as a novel about children and parents, a book that explores how a generation is exposed to its family heritage. How to deal with the burden of In the trailer, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) reminds her son Paul that “your father didn’t believe in revenge.” But, what about Jessica’s father? What does Paul know about his family tree? Potential spoiler heads up!

There are tons of great book twists in the trailer The Dunes: Part Two is hidden. One of those twists involves Paul becoming a father. Another twist involving them is his younger sister, Aaliyah. If you’ve read the books, you know what we’re talking about, so there’s no need to spoil those twists here. But, perhaps the most interesting twist is one that’s completely The Dunes: Part Two Could potentially be hidden in the final movie as well.

The Dunes: Part Two: second full trailer

At the start of the new trailer, Paul states that his family has been fighting the Harkonnens “for centuries”. But, here’s the thing: Paul belongs to the Harkonnens. directly, Early in the book we learn from Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam’s thoughts that Paul has a “grandfather who cannot be named.”

Paul later learns that this grandfather knows others besides Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who is the villain and is responsible for his father’s demise. Yes, for those who have forgotten, Lady Jessica’s FatherHe is the evil baron, a fact that becomes somewhat important at the end of the first novel, when Alia – Paul’s superpowered younger sister – kills the baron, saying “I’m sorry, Grandpa… you Atreides Jabbar has met GOM.

but will The Dunes: Part Two Does this include this twist about the bloodlines of both the Atreides and the Harkonnens? In the movie The Dunes: Part One, There is no direct reference to this twist, other than the fact that the Reverend Mother vaguely suggests to Jessica that there are other options in their breeding program to give the Bene Gesserit the chosen one known as “Quizatz Headrack”. be allowed to be born. But, no one explicitly confirms that the Baron is Jessica’s father, and therefore, Paul’s evil grandfather.

For sure, there are going to be a lot of twists and turns The Dunes: Part TwoAnd even though the genesis of the first novel is sixty years old, we can’t predict everything that will happen in it. Denis Villeneuve epic. also possible end of that The Dunes: Part Two A third film could be set up which could be based on the next novel doon messiah, Yet, even with our spice-trance-induced sanity, the future – and past – of Paul’s family in these films is still very unclear.

you can see The Dunes: Part One streaming Now on Max. The Dunes: Part Two Will be released in theaters on November 3, 2023.

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