They launched a platform similar to ChatGPT which works offline

Artificial intelligence is progressing by leaps and bounds and now they have launched a tool which takes less space and does not use connection

a group of hackers discovered a artificial intelligence “ChatGPT-like” personal AI (AI) that can be installed and run on a home computer, even without an Internet connection.

his name is GPT4All and was created by the programmers of the software development company IA Nomic AI, in just four days, costs $1,300 and requires only 4 GB of space,

When does the new artificial intelligence tool come out Elon Musk, one of the first investors in OpenAI, Warned that the evolution of AI is coming technical point of no return,

brian rommelFounder of the technology blog Multiplex, stressed that “This is the ‘first PC’ moment for personal AI and with it will come frontiers like the first Apple 1 built in a garage. It’s a pioneer. Today personal and personal AI is within everyone’s reach.”

Rommel warns Not as powerful as ChatGPT-4 of AI company OpenAI, which in turn is a huge improvement over its predecessor ChatGPT-3.5.

Instead Elon Musk tweeted a few days ago: “Human-competitive intelligence could pose a profound risk to society and humanity.”

artificial intelligence as an ally

Artificial Intelligence as an ally, despite the fact that scientists and even Elon Musk have joined forces to stop its development

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is software associated with data or sensors that is able to process it and learn from it, resulting in valuable information.

It can be based on complex data, predict supply changes, or perform big data tasks (facial recognition, medical scans, voice chats, and more) incredibly fast.

The use of AI has skyrocketed thanks to large-scale cloud use, in which powerful processors access complex data, often in real time.

to the end user, oh There is another service which may be called predictive analytics or smart learning to be friendlier.

but whatever we call it, the function of oh It is an invisible, but powerful process to carry out.

Distribution companies rely on cloud solutions that are updated regularly, and AI is one of those tools to drive more value to users.

Robots and a future in which they will be everyday

The mass of robots in the not so distant future will allow them to be used in daily tasks

A technology that will mark the future

Ruben Belluomo, commercial manager at Infor Cono Sur, noted that “first came robotic process automation (RPA) and then chatbots, which started with managing basic tasks.”

with the inclusion of oh They got smarter and added value to results in all types of operations. AI is now embedded in almost all processes and applications.

In a few years, the solution oh Turned from science fiction to commercial reality:

  • help save time
  • reduce costs
  • Provide more value with their intelligent analysis

According to data recently published by Deloitte in its 5th annual report on the company, The State of AI. Report highlights:

  • 42% of companies already use algorithms for supply chain planning
  • 65% of companies buy AI services instead of developing their own
  • 82% of survey respondents indicated that employees believe that working with AI optimizes their performance and improves job satisfaction

However, there is still a lot to be done in terms of risk, transparency and security.

These data and opportunities drive automation and make delivery companies even more interested in building delivery services oh are part of the applications and services.