“This is not the end. More is coming. I Could Be Next” – Deadline

Stephen A. Smith has been open about ESPN’s layoffs, which saw the sports network make about 20 on-air personalities redundant.

The sports analyst said, “ESPN laid off nearly 20 members of its on-air talent… my friends, of course, certainly respected colleagues who did a phenomenal job and deserved better.” ” Stephen A. smith show, “It’s not Disney or ESPN they deserve better, they deserve better than the times we’re living in.”

Smith, who co-hosts take first Con ESPN congratulated Jalen Rose, saying that he “has been doing an excellent job for us covering the NBA over the years.”

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He said, “got a lot of love from that brother.” “There are so many great things he has done over the years, what he has represented for the company… I will miss him. Jalen Rose has always been good to me and I loved working with him on NBA Countdown. He’s got a brilliant basketball mind, he’s someone who works hard all the time. There was never a job that he backed down from, there was never a time when he didn’t want to work.”

Smith also named former NBA coach and ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy, saying, “Jeff was an outstanding, brilliant basketball analyst for ESPN for years. I can say that I will miss him, but I can’t imagine him being out of work for long. I am sure I will see him doing his job on-air. He has been a Hall of Fame analyst and commentator.

As he mentioned his colleagues, Smith also said that these would not be the only layoffs at ESPN.

“If we’re going to be real about this, let’s deal with reality. This is not the end, there is much more to come,” he said. “And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I might be next.”

Other celebrities who were relieved of their duties at ESPN include Max Kellerman, Keyshawn Johnson, Matt Hasselbeck, Chris Chelios, Steve Young, Rob Ninkovich, Neil Everett, Ashley Brewer, Jun Lee, Lafonso Ellis, Todd McShea and Jason Fitz is included.

Watch Smith address the ESPN layoffs in the video posted below.

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