This Is What You’d Earn With “Curly” Dollars If You Invest $100,000

Given the current high inflation, investors look for options that do not lose the value of their savings at least, and the “curl” is presented as a

High inflation makes it difficult for investors to not only make profits from their money but also manage to retain the value of their money. The dollar “curl” is presented as one of the options that may be attractive at the moment.

He “Rolling pin“arises from arbitrage between two market segments: blue and dollar mep,

split between Price in pesos and price in dollars Will return the underlying exchange rate used. As far as its price is concerned, it is currently trading above $430.

The operation is simple and you only have to follow a series minimum requirementsthey are:

  • One account in peso and another in dollar in the name of the same owner.
  • Having an open basic account in a bank, stock exchange or investment company.
  • Besides, obey the conditions imposed by NVC (National Securities Commission) or Central bank, In terms of not presenting anomalies from regulatory point of viewOf which may be mentioned:
  • Did not buy solidarity dollars in the last 90 days.
  • Not receiving a salary from a company that benefits from the ATP program.
  • Not be a beneficiary of IFE, AUH or any other social scheme.
  • Refinance installments for 12 months and getting credit cards.
  • UVA borrowers who benefit from a freeze on UVA mortgage payments until July 2022.
  • declared income.

How is the operation?

Here’s the process: You buy with peso a dollar title Which is quoted in both currencies, the most widely used at the moment being the GD30 -Global Bond 2030 – and to a lesser extent the AL30.

Operation is through the bag

Operation is through the bag

Once acquired, this bond must “rest” for a period of 24 business hours, and then be sold, but in its version denominated in dollars, after which a request is made to a financial intermediary, regardless of brokerage. Be it the firm or the bank that transfers the stamps to the holder’s account. It should be noted that what this term seeks is to give some uncertainty to the closing price of the operation, which implies a certain risk to the one operating it.

As a simple example, who has $100,000 You can buy 800 GD30 bonds that are trading for $120 each. Once the “parking” is complete, he will place a sell order, but this time on its dollar version, ie the GD30D, which costs $27.75 for each 100 sheets.

From the proceeds of your sale, you will receive 230 dollarswho would then be able to sell blue at a buying rate of 470 pesos, eventually charging $108,100, As a result of this simple operation, a return of 8% will be achieved, which is higher than the performance of a 30-day fixed term.

There is also the possibility of going the other way, ie dollars are sold in blue and bought with GD30 pesos, held for a day and then sold in dollars as in the previous case.

Whoever sells $213 in blue will get $100,000, As in the previous case, with that amount you would buy 800 global bonds at $120 and then sell them in their “D” version, earning approximately $232. In this way, you would get a profit of around $19, he indicated. iProfessional,