Ftingling in the hands, a fairly common but annoying ailment. In fact, the tingling can also be accompanied by one numb feeling either loss of sensation, especially at the fingertips. The causes? They can be multiple and if in some cases it is a condition that should not cause concern, in others it can be A symptom to be aware of. To clarify, we asked Dr. Giorgio Pivato, Chief of Hand Surgery at Humanitas, a few questions.

What can cause tingling hands?

“The tingling in the hands is a purely neurological symptom – explains Dr. Pivato – due to a Reduced vascular supply to the nerve. In other words, less blood is reaching the nerve, and this can occur as a result of many conditions. The most common and typical is fall asleep in a strange position which causes a compress on the nerves.

Tingling in the hands and carpal tunnel

“Illinois median nerve get in carpal tunnel – explains the specialist again – which is a narrow channel through which the flexor tendons also passthat is, the ones that allow you to bend your fingers: when the tendons become inflamed, they enlarge and it is the crushed nerve that pays the price.

Tingling in the hands: the causes

Therefore, if in principle the origin of the tingling in the hands is only one, that is, ischemia due to crushing of the nerve, the The causes of this compression can be very different..

“Incorrect postures are one of the most common causes – explains Dr. Pivato – but the origin of nerve compression can also be an inflammation or the presence of a mass exerting direct compressionsuch as a cyst, a tumor or a lipoma, or even the broken wrist. In fact, if the fracture does not heal properly, the alteration of the bone profile can cause compression of the nerve and therefore give rise to tingling.

How to understand if it is a disorder to investigate

The first thing to do, therefore, is to try to understand if the tingling in the hands is a symptom worth referring to a specialist. Which are the criteria to consider?

“definitely there persistence of the symptom and The intensity. – explains the specialist – If the tingling occurs once a month, you should not worry. If it happens often or if the intensity of the symptom is such that it causes painIn this case, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Not only that, it also matters a lot variation me possible evolution of the symptom. If, starting once a week, the discomfort occurs two or more times or suddenly tingling accompanied by pain occurs, it means that something is evolving and therefore that is definitely a wake-up call that needs to be explored».

Tingling in the hands: what pathologies can it cause?

consig Senior woman with hand pain standing in living room

In fact, tingling hands may be an indicator of a problem, such as carpal tunnel syndrome oh ulnar nerve syndrome (or cubital tunnel syndrome), a very common compressive neuropathycaused by a kind of ‘entrapment’ of the ulnar nerve in the elbow due to various causes.

If the disturbance is at the level of the carpal tunnel and originates from compression of the median nerve, generally the tingling affects the first three fingers and the inner side of the ring finger – specifies the specialist – if instead the origin is the ulnar nerve compression at the elbowIllinois tingling is felt at the level of the little finger and on the outside of the ring finger.”

Not only that, among the most common pathological causes of tingling in the hands are also lots of neck problemssuch as osteoarthritis or hernias.

How do you make the diagnostic

Understanding what disorder may be causing the tingling and receiving a correct diagnosis is essential seek the advice of a specialistwho will be able to assess if it is a sporadic disorder or if it is better to undergo tests.

The main exam is electromyography – explains Dr. Pivato – a test that allows to assess the state of health of the nerve and understand the degree of compression of the nerve. Based on the clinical examination and the result of the electromyography, the patient can be told how to proceed.”

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Tingling hands: possible remedies

“Specifically, if it’s just initial nerve pain, we can proceed with conservative remedies, such as the guardian. – the expert explains again – If the test instead shows a significant nerve suffering is necessary to resort to intervention surgical. The nerve that remains compressed for a long timein fact, like all structures that are not properly vascularized, it suffers a progressive death. If it is subjected to compression for a long time, the nerve begins to degenerate and the patient will report a loss of sensation and strength. If the diagnosis is not timely, even intervention cannot guarantee a complete recovery.

What is the intervention?

What is good to know, however, is that today hand surgery is performed with minimally invasive techniques that ensure a good results.

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“Today the surgery is being performed on endoscopy – concludes Dr. Pivato – with a 1 centimeter cut at the height of the wrist. It is an operation that lasts a few minutes with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. Not to mention that the patient, from the next day, can do everything he did before without any limitations. And since the same afternoon he has no more symptoms ».


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