Two Stocks Cathy Wood Sees Value and Goldman Sachs Doesn’t

Two stocks celebrity investor Cathy Wood sees value in and Goldman Sachs doesn't

Every Wall Street stock has its favorites and detractors. Cathy Wood, Founder of Arch Invest, and Goldman Sachs Gr we’re on the opposite side if we talk Palantir TCNL-A why coinbase glob rg-a, while see before value in themBank I don’t think this is a good time to invest According to him TipRanks and Yahoo Finance,

Palantir Technologies

Cathy Wood’s favorite companies are companies that operate on the cutting edge of technology, and the first name we’ll take a look at offers exactly that. Palantir described as a big data companybecause it specializes In providing software solutions that help organizations manage and analyze large and complex data sets, The company’s software is designed to handle large amounts of data and can process, store and analyze it in real time. This enables customers to identify patterns, discover insights, and make data-driven decisions more efficiently and effectively.

This proposition is proved especially valuable to governmentswhat has been done Main source of income for the company, He Breaking into the commercial sector has proved more difficultHowever, the company is making concerted efforts to capture a larger share of the market.

Although Government sales again the largest share of revenue in the first quarter report Recently posted. Total revenue grew 18% year-over-year to $525 million, beating Wall Street’s call by $19.25 million. His, Government revenue was $289 million (up 20% YoY) and commercial revenue was $236 million (up 15%).

He Adjusted EPS by 0.05 cents also beat the 0.04 percent forecast and for the full year, the company expects Revenue in the range of $2.185 – 2.235 billionAt the midpoint above the $2.2 billion consensus.

A Wall Street liked the resultsAnd later more stock sent, They must have liked the wood too. A few days later, on 10 May, Bought 3,757,000 shares through ARKK ETF and an additional 614,547 shares through ARKW Fund. Overall, these purchases now have a Valued at over $41.5 million,

However, when scanning the final print, Goldman Sachs analyst Gabriela Borgesbelieve now Now is not the time to buy PLTR shares,

“We still think it is difficult to buy shares, especially in the government side of the business, given the lack of visibility and disclosure, although we think Palantir’s technology position is interesting. Given the <10% growth in international trade, and the possibility of disruption in the US government segment due to continued resolution and/or debt ceiling negotiations, we expect a better point of entry”, said Borges.

To this, Borges describes the functions of the Palantir. neutralwhile his $9 price target suggests actions will decrease by 5% in the coming months.

Overall, Palantir receives mixed reviews from the rest of Wall Street. action claim a Consensus rating based on Hold, 7 Hold, 2 Buy and 5 Sell, Analysts expect shares 6.5% decline in the next yearbearing in mind that Average target is $8.88,

Palantir TCNL-A It is trading in the red at $9.50, but is still above the previous bullish gap, and a cross of the 70-period moving average above the 200-period moving average will give us a bullish signal.


Wood is a big fan of disruptors and that’s what he finds with Coinbase, a company to be reckoned with disruptive to the financial industry, Major cryptocurrency exchange allows users Buy, sell and trade a variety of digital currencies on one of the most popular and trusted exchanges in the industry,

Coinbase provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for individuals and institutions to get started in crypto and further accelerates adoption. there is also coinbase Only publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange in the US In a major blow to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, the company went public in April 2021.

However, it turned out to be very bad timing. The price coincided with the peak of the cryptocurrency bull market, And the company has been suffering ever since. are verbs Down 82% since first day of trading,

That being said, there is stock up 62% so far this year, helped by the recently released first quarter report. Although Revenue fell 33.4% year-over-year to $772.5 million, the figure exceeded the forecast of $119.2 million. Similarly, in Bottom line, EPS of -0.34 cents outperformed That compared to an estimate of -$1.36 on Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Wood has been taking charge. Since the beginning of March, Bought 1,546,296 shares through ARKK ETF. they are currently worth Over $88.6 million.

Wood clearly has high hopes for Coinbase, but this is not something that can be said about at the moment Analista D Goldman Sachs, Will Nance,

Looking at the latest set of results and insights, Nance presents recession case: “Given the lack of visibility around organic growth and the potential negative impacts of crypto regulation (and a pending SEC lawsuit following the recent Wells notice), we remain negative on the outlook for the equity. We think this new The upside is likely to be due to progress in retail crypto adoption and reduced uncertainty around the US regulatory environment for stocks to rank higher again.”

As a result, Nance rated Coinbase sell and have a $45 price target for tasks. If it gets there, the stock might dropped 21.5% From here on through the next year.

Coinbase’s Wall Street ratings run the gamut equally well. Stock gets consensus rating On Hold, 8 Buy, 9 Hold and 7 Sell basis, Following Average target of $60.38Shares expected to be registered Marginal profit of 5% during the next year.

coinbase glob rg-a It is trading in the red at $57.34 and is above the 200 moving average open of the last two candles.