Unveiling Horrors: Israel Investigates Shocking Violence by Hamas, Witnesses Speak Out Amidst Gaza’s Devastation

In Bureij, located in the central Gaza Strip, a Palestinian man was seen riding his bicycle amidst the backdrop of destroyed buildings on November 14, 2023.

The Israel police have initiated an investigation into multiple cases of sexual violence against women, allegedly carried out by individuals affiliated with Hamas terrorists on October 7. They revealed on Tuesday that, while there are no surviving victims of rape identified, they are in contact with several individuals who have witnessed instances of violence committed by individuals associated with Hamas.

The police are actively collecting evidence related to these incidents, relying on witness testimonies and surveillance footage. Additionally, Palestinian terrorists who have been detained since October 7 are being interrogated as part of the ongoing investigation.

David Katz, the head of the Lahav 443 criminal investigation unit, stated that the police have gathered multiple witness accounts of sexual crimes. He clarified, “However, we have no living victims who have reported being raped.” The investigation is anticipated to extend over several months.

During a press conference, the police presented footage of witness testimonies. One survivor from the Supernova music festival, identified as ‘S,’ recounted witnessing a woman being subjected to sexual violence by multiple perpetrators before being shot. According to her testimony, the women were being taken to a specific location by men in military uniform, and she expressed her understanding that they were being raped. She further detailed an incident where a woman was gang-raped by armed men, with one of them fatally shooting her during the assault.

The ZAKA organization, responsible for recovering human remains in accordance with Jewish religious law, reported to the police that they had observed several bodies of women without pants or underwear.

On October 7, Hamas reportedly caused the death of 1200 people, primarily civilians, during their incursion into Israeli cities. In response, Israeli retaliatory aerial and ground strikes have resulted in the death of 11,200 people, according to Palestinian health authorities.