US reinforcements to extinguish out-of-control wildfires in Mikua.



The wildfires in Mikoua are giving SOPFEU a tough time. It is one of 7 priority fires in Quebec. Additional troops from the United States and Newfoundland and Labrador are trying to extinguish the fire, which is still out of control as of June 25.

With an estimated area of ​​9,318 hectares (ha), it crosses Route 389 on its southeastern portion. “The work of extinguishing hot spots by firefighters on the ground will continue throughout the day (June 25). About 200 resources work in this area,” SOPFEU says on its Facebook page.

A large fire management team of 7 people and 80 United States wildland firefighters took charge of the area. He is assisted by two specialists from Newfoundland and Labrador.

There is fire at three places in Mikoa and Manik-3 sectors. They burnt 3,045 hectares, 160 hectares and 1,883 hectares of land. The first two have been overcome and the third has been overcome (progress has stopped for the moment).

In Baie-Comeau, a fire with an area of ​​less than 1 hectare was reported on the evening of 24 June due to recreational activities in the Amedee River area. SOPFEU comments, “It was fought by municipal firefighters and is now under control.”


weather conditions

Due to climatic conditions that prevailed for more than a week, the vegetation has dried up a lot. According to SOPFEU, this situation has a significant impact on the current fire activity, which has regained strength and in many cases has progressed significantly.

“The amount of smoke made it particularly difficult for tankers and helicopters to intervene. This is the situation since few days,” read the message.

On the North Coast, there are 13 active fires in the intensive zone. Remember that restrictions on forest access and open fires are still in effect. Apart from this, a request has also been made to ban working in the forest.

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