What are NFTs and how are they used in plane tickets or shows?

NFTs are redefining the user experience, offering flexibility and freedom while simultaneously buying or reselling products

universe of non-fungible token (NFT) It keeps getting closer to the “real world” Through new applications and use cases that transcend art or video games.

For now, they’ve already ventured into businesses like tourism, entertainment, sports, fashion, food or membership,

One of its most disruptive features is its Transactional Flexibility: Multiple Possibilities of Negotiation Through various digital platforms.

NFTs: what are they and how are they used?

NFTs are digital assets (video, text, image or audio) He:

  • They represent a unique, distinctive, original object
  • They do not tire of their use and are inseparable
  • They are highly valued as collectibles.
  • They are registered on the blockchain, which allows them to be immutable and transparent.
  • cannot be faked or copied

Beyond the benefits the NFTs themselves represent for users Foreigner Between projects in virtuality and on the physical plane, a trend that began in 2022 is one Infinite ability to enrich almost any proposal and building new relationships and forms of interaction with consumers, providing a unique experience,

Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gap, Gucci, Pizza Hut, Super Bowl and Dolce & Gabbana There are some of them who take advantage of this innovation and tokenized products. “We’re changing brand loyalty programs so they can be better Engagement with its customers based on NFT technology,” he added. iProUP Matias Albaca, CEO of the Argentine agency Carnival.

This way, the executive realizes, their customers can “not only” Communicate Directly with the End UserSegmenting and delivering ultra-customized benefits that are NFTs: whoever receives them can transact and do whatever they want”.

NFTs: what are they and how are they used?

According to Albaca, NFTs are digital assetsstored in a decentralized network and No intermediaries are required to transfer ownership,

“If already, The blockchain is difficult to hack, thus reducing the risk of fraud and costs. it means that NFTs actually belong to their holder Who can sell or trade it like any other commodity. the potential is limitless“he adds.

In this sense, the possibility to move quickly and easily between applications generates a free market economy. Non-fungible tokens can be traded, auctioned, bought or sold On specific sites like Binance, OpenSea, Nifty Gateways, Theta, Enjin Coin, Decentraland, Flow or Rarible.

According to data from Binance Research, The market recorded some US$24.7 billion in trading volume on blockchain platforms and marketplaces in 2022.,

Mattias Bari, CEO and co-founder of Satoshi Tango, says that users, In addition to buying and selling NFTs through online marketplaces or directly with each other, they can also use them as collateral for loans.,



“Another very interesting feature is that Can be programmed to include commission for the original creator: every time an NFT is sold or changes handsYou get extra income.”

locally, last October tourism forum YouravelX starts selling air tickets in NFT format To all destinations served by low cost Flybondi, Unlike its traditional version, NF ticket allow:

  • Free name change of passengers up to three days prior to travel
  • Book first and pay within 24 hours
  • In case of cancellation of reservation within that period, 50% refund is applicable
  • sell or auction tickets: can Recover or win the total payment if the airfare increases
  • Receive 50% back in bitcoin of the value of an NFTicket at Lemon within five business days,

Ignacio Gimenez, Business Director Lemonconfirms the iProUP : “Another advantage is that Through an NFTicket, a secondary market is enabled in whichBefore the change of plans, it is possible to sell or transfer that ticketEven buy it with crypto, an option that is limited with traditional tickets.”

“But the most important thing is that path itself does not changeWhat is modified is its representation and flexibility to change”, explains.

Another Business Taking Advantage NFTs are the ticket holder to improve your value proposition. is one of them cool cowhich works with programs at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium for now, but is conducting three pilot tests with other in places,

The platform provides a traditional service like any ticket office, but Uses blockchain to turn those tickets into NFTs, It offers some key benefits:

  • information is stored in the blockchain, which makes all Feel more secure and traceableby providing Valuable Information for the Event Promoter
  • works for virtual and face-to-face shows, Users can unlock various post-event experiences, such as access to exclusive streaming of their favorite artist
  • Resale is handled transparently between users, If someone cannot attend, they can sell the ticket or transfer it to someone else at an official venue.
  • Tickets cannot be forged, Which adds extra security to the purchase and resale of tickets
  • possible to offer collectible and custom nft
Companies like Coca Cola are already offering experiences with NFTs

Companies like Coca Cola are already offering experiences with NFTs

Francisco Linzuan, CEO and founder of Coolco, explains iProUP that “in the traditional model, ticket holders give a QR when purchasing a ticket, which is only Image that can be sent to anyone and can be resold Among sites that are not supported to operate in Argentina”.

“The downside here is that companies in the industry leave open a gray area in which users can Sell ​​the same QR to more than one person, but only one will enter“, explain.

In addition to CoolCo, Medlio, Ticketmaster and Venti also started offering a similar experience.

For Bari, the potential of NFTs is immense. As more people become interested in digital archiving, the demand will only increase. they can also Be used to represent a wide range of assets: from artwork and music to virtual assets and game objects“, Add.

“They have the potential to transform the way digital assets are owned, traded and valued. In short, The NFT market is growing and promises to be one Disruptive force in the worlds of art, collecting and investingBari’s conclusion.