What are they and how to invest

Outside of traditional options, such as fixed term and dollar purchases, there are other instruments that can be accessed with a few pesos.

In the 90s, “everything for $2” became the fashion, with markets selling products—mostly imported—with prices very close to that amount. But that model disappeared with convertibility, continuing devaluations and barriers to imports.

At the same time, the banknote with Bartolome Miter’s face became obsolete and was removed from circulation in May 2018, replaced by a coin that is currently not enough to buy practically anything. But the reference is still used and can be applied to investment instruments that require a minimum amount of money to create a diversified portfolio.

Invest With Small Amount: What Are The Options In The Stock Market

Argentinian investors can take advantage of a variety of options to add to their portfolios, depending on their risk tolerance. among conservatives, beyond the dollar or fixed term, The use of accounts with rewards from Naranja X, Mercado Pago or Ula increases what are you offering Yield close to 75% per annum And you can literally enter with two pesos.

Those willing to accept volatile behavior should ideally set their goal to become dollarized without making large outlays on Wall Street.

Economist Joel Lupieri assures iProUP He One option is to buy ADRs ,american depository receiptfor its short form in English) in the local market, is about Papers of companies that are quoted locally in pesos but respond to original action which continues to trade on the New York market and can be traded on the local stock exchange.

,main advantage is Get an asset that doesn’t have Argentina exposure. It is linked to the business development of accredited companies from a developed country,” Lupieri opined.

there is also Some ADRs listed through Argentine Certificate of Deposit (CEDEAR) because they were only issued on Wall Street, like MercadoLibre and Globant,

from TSA Bursetil they point to them capture long term return on equity Without losing a dollar on the portfolio. InvestingOnline (IOL) they list a iProUP other benefits:

  • Invest in the world’s largest companies If you don’t have a US account
  • Enter with the lowest amount allowed Build a Diversified Portfolio
  • position remains dollarized: Price is adjusted not only according to variation of share abroad but also adjusted by change in CCL price

“But be careful: this type of device is recommended investors with high risk tolerance and volatility in prices”, they emphasize that iProUP From TSA Bursetil.

In this regard, the finance expert Alejandro Bianchi points out iProUP He Very interesting for CEDEAR seekers access foreign devices In less money and in an easier way. Also, there are platforms that provide a wide range of options to invest in amazon or googleFor example, with less than $1,000,

“Although the market is enabling Various types of CEDEAR shares and ETFs, None directly linked to US bonds and commodities are currently listed in Argentina. However, an investor can take some exposure to the latter, for example, by buying shares of mining companies such as Barrick Gold (GOLD) ,” reveals Bianchi.

he says, those who want to buy something like a bond from an American issuer can “buy a Stocks with low volatility and high dividends, such as AT&T (T)or a ETF like that tracks Dow Jones (DIA) Which pays dollar dividends every month.

DIA is an instrument composed of 30 US stocks First class and more than 100 years experience. In addition, it is the oldest index on Wall Street and the only index composed of firms that have shown positive performance over a significant period of time.

“In these last two cases, the volatility could be much higher than for Treasury bonds,” Bianchi warned. ETF funds are the best way to invest in Treasury bondsDue to the high cost of doing it directly, since they demand significant outlay.

“to use treasuries An investor must have an account abroad directly, but The amount that makes this operation profitable is more than US$50,000“, emphasizes Bianchi.

Invest with Average Amount: Best Options

consulted by iProUPAndres Rodriguez Lederman, VP of Wealth Management ulaadd to the specified options CEDEAR S&P500 Index ETF (SPY), most “wear”, From the stage “It belongs to Largest number of assets under management And there is the largest volume of operations”, he adds, with IOL.

they insist on 505 assets under custody, one of the most relevant indices, replicates the behavior of the S&P 500. About this $10,000 can be added to one of these CEDEARs,

On behalf of the IOL, he also used a magnifying glass. The ETF of Nasdaq (QQQ) and the holding company Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) Which, together with its subsidiaries, distributes capital in companies of various sectors, among which we can mention insurance, utilities, energy, transportation, manufacturing, retail and services.

AgroToken converts soybeans, wheat and corn into digital currency to facilitate their commercialization

AgroToken converts soybean, wheat and corn grains into digital currency to facilitate their use as an asset

“It is an investment company in which Warren Buffet is the executive director and majority shareholder. Among his largest investments are Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express and Wells Fargo, Its exposure to the US stock market is reflected in the fact that the asset has a close to beta 1 (repeats movements)”, he elaborates.

How to invest in commodities with cryptocurrency

A simple alternative to incorporating commodities is a cryptocurrency that replicates the value of these assets. AgroToken is one of the leading platforms Convert Tons of Soybeans, Corn and Wheat to Stablecoins Grain supported.

company owner a Global Tokenization Platform in charge of the development of agricultural commodities and food soyThe first grain-backed crypto asset in the world.

Analyst Damian de Pace points out iProUP that, in a context where commodity prices soar, The key to these tokens is to have a production value receipt in the blockchain.,

“hence, The grower can be availed and transacted in grainas well as pricing their grain within the ledger in which market bidders and applicants participate”, highlights the expert. With regard to their prices, the prices in the first days of May were as follows:

  • Soy (Argentine soybean): $100,690
  • CORA (Argentine corn): u$s210
  • WHEA (Argentine wheat): u$s280

In recent years, the regulator and various companies in the sector have taken measures so that access to the investment world is not only for a privileged segment of society, those with the most money.

Rodriguez Lederman explains that “it was very focused on a segment of very specific users, but this has changed in recent years and this trend will continue,

“Now, there are in the market Lakhs of people invested and people responded positively for product offering. The end user was supported, access to the investment world has been democratized,” he concluded.