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The BCRA measure affected the price of the exchange rate operated on the electronic commerce platform. the keys

The central bank is making a minute-by-minute assessment of how to avoid a bleeding dollar that threatens to take its reserves to negative levels.

Together parallel dollar approximately $474 and in the order of financial $440, the agency launched Communication A 7766 days ago which includes overseas forum gift card “Requires list of operations Pre-approval of BCRA to pay abroad for the use of credit, purchase, debit or prepaid cards issued in the country”.

In this way, the monetary authority seeks Stop “Amazon Dollar” and “Mercado Libre Dollar”The two savings and investment formats are used by Argentines to protect funds without limits and legally in hard currency.

What is Amazon Dollar and how much is it worth?

Amazon offers the possibility take over gift card through your platforma question that remains left to take straight out: Credit, debit or prepaid cards issued in Argentina cannot be used.

However, person-to-person digital balance exchange platforms allow you to buy not only cryptocurrencyBut Amazon gift cards with 25% off their face value.

It works to get the product at half price plus door to door shipping through Amazon Global Services, which handles Customs Duty and Taxes,

,If a user sells bitcoin in exchange for the card Of Gift, A will win respectable margin, You can leverage your digital currency get instant profit, There are opportunities in countries where bitcoin is more expensive for some reason and then you can get a good price for gift cards,” says an industry expert.

hence, The Amazon dollar is trading at around 345 pesos to buy, ie it is more economicalPrice: Lower than Tourist ($480), blue ($474), CCL ($441) and MEP ($434).

What is the Mercado Libre dollar and how much does it cost?

Mercado Libre includes buying in dollars Amazon gift card in Mercado Libre, After the last resort of BCRA, trades at $720 (20% higher than in recent weeks) and usually Estimate the price that parallel quotations and financiers will have.

In this operation only those who sell them earn the most:

  • Each card buys at $345 per dollar
  • They are resold for up to $720 a dollar and in installments, on the spot (since these cards have a code that is sent by mail)
  • You get $295 in profit for every dollar (Mercado Libre still has 13% commission)

however, There is another “hidden” business On the largest ecommerce platform for gift card buyers.

,If you look at Mercado Libre, there are more and more products it takes 15-20 days for coming, but you pay it first. What he does is get the gift card when someone pays him for the product, Buy it on Amazon and have it shipped to Argentina via mailbox service in Miami“, believes cryptocurrency expert Gaston Laver.

This mode is known as drop shipping: The seller is only in charge of paying the suppliers, who in turn are in charge of shipping the order to the buyer’s address.

Thus, it is to be expected that electronic products from these vendors will also appreciate earlier. The Biggest Obstacles to Getting a Gift Card,