What does an R&D specialist do and how much does he earn

People who are in charge of the research and development area have a responsibility for researching what the company already does and inventing new products.

Find ways to improve processes, develop innovations in products and servicesand offer Logistics The one who gives promising results is what every company wants. For this to become a reality, the organizations must have a prominent profile among its ranks: He R&D Specialist (R&D),

,The purpose of the R&D leader is to plan, direct and coordinate research and development activities., He is in charge of tasks related to the analysis and creation of the company’s products”, he explained. iProUP Alejandro Cervide, Director of Professionals, RPO & Technologies at Randstad Argentina.

, Digital Transformation Penetrates Organizations Transversally and, in parallel, Innovation has become the new mantra. This creates a high demand for these profiles. It is not about technology or systems, but a multidimensional transformation of how we think and do things”, he concluded.

“This position has an important effect because change in business modeldriven by the need to multiply speed of actionGet every job done optimally, in the least amount of time and with the highest quality, Those who have this property have a very significant competitive advantage”, highlighted Cervide.

R&D directors: what do they do and how much do they earn

in conversation with iProUPNicolas Bacigalupo, CEO of Octopus Proptech, focuses on Opportunity offered by having an R&D profile Together.

“In times of inflation and, contrary to what one might think, they are extremely important Generate savings and better investments by discovering new trends, technologies that are just as effective but at a much lower cost,” he says.


R&D specialists can be key to adding value from efficiency and innovation

He insisted that “in times of crisis, R&D can be the key to adding value efficiency rather than novelty of the unknown, PublicIn general, he wants to save on what he already knows, but Allowed to spend more on offers than before Bacigalupo says.

Sebastian Macchiarello, Oren’s BPO and Selection Manager, hands over iProUP He “An R&D manager has a median salary of $580,000being able to get a 15% more ($670,000) in a multinational company or an additional 20% ($700,000) in a startup,

Companies try to keep these talents on their staff. “They offer a variety of initiatives to attract and retain them, ranging from High dollar salary, perks and all kinds of benefits“, assures Priscilla Sobczuk, Director of Operations of Fichap.

It is said in the instruction that they also take care of giving them “Training, career planning and compensation package that includes participation in the company’s successPlus flexible working hours and a comprehensive vacation package”.

R&D Director: What is your background

for service, “it is valuable engineering knowledgeBecause of the broad perspective that it can contribute to R&D processes in terms of both products and services.”

It also underlines “ Ability to fully analyze the value chain, is joining process reengineering at an organizational and productive level”.


This profile should have a comprehensive view of the entire value chain

You Can’t Miss Soft Skills, “are most in demand: they are Adaptability to changes, executive intelligence, negotiation, ability to motivate Teams and leaders responsible for change”, lists Cervide.

Where possible, they should have “knowledge of economics”. Specialized training in innovation is delivered by market research, understanding the particularities and needs of companies, especially today, in a world of constant digital transformation, says Maccarello.

,other essential knowledge Must be a good innovation professional Statistics, Accounting, Marketing and Big Dataamong others,” he details.

R&D directors: what do they do and how much do they earn

,They are a high demand profile in mass consuming companies, Who continuously develop and release products. With the technology revolution, it has gained prominence. This is highlighted not only by top-level firms, but also by those in transition from SMEs to work at other scales,” says Bacigalupo.

“This is a situation that has changed greatly in recent years due to rapid technological advances, In addition to the continuous and imperative improvement of usability and user experience, there is a need for data-based management and decision-making”, explains Sobjuk.

“It means that we should able to handle large amounts of information Integrate new solutions, generate efficient processes, Provide real-time analytics And consider UX in the design of any type of system”, says the director.


A professional in the field should have soft skills such as the ability to adapt to changes, executive intelligence and negotiation

Another point to consider is These profiles are asked Stay up-to-date and get postgraduate training, For Macciarello, the most valuable are “master’s degrees in entrepreneurship and innovation, executive in innovation, experts in big data and analytics, innovation and project development”.

Specialist details other specializations the companies themselves Think like “Master in Quality Management and Innovation, Master in Production and InnovationIDI Technological Innovation, among others”.

“Being in this area, The company has the advantage of having dedicated resources to create and set trends, any leading firm in its market has a R&D manager and a teamWhich is out of commercial and profitability purposes, which pursues other objectives: focus on developing newBackigalupo ends.