What does the unit offer on the item?

Financial technology firms have risen to a place of relevance in the minds of millions of users around the world. Description

The fintech sector is one of the fastest growing in recent years, with hundreds of companies born from within the industry.

Thus more and more organizations are emerging that bring these companies together to support the various regulations around them.

is one of many Fintech Iberoamerica AllianceCreated in June 2017. It is a space for collaboration and exchange that brings together Chambers and fintech associations of countries in the region,

The alliance is made up of 14 of them, which brings together more than 2,500 partners and include Argentina Fintech Chamber, In fact, globally, 26% of all fintech companies were founded in Latin AmericaWhich represents greater need and importance.

Alianza Fintech Iberoamerica: what does the entity propose to promote the sector?

In the context of the need to work together to clarify experiences, needs and opportunities to strengthen the position of the fintech industry internationally, one of the most important alliances in the fintech world emerged: the Fintech Iberoamerica Alliance,

Recently, the first publication of the Alliance was published, which proposes in favor of a substantial size of the industry and provide a comprehensive plan of visualization, understanding and recognition of the area,


The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance is a space for collaboration and exchange that brings together fintech chambers and associations from the countries of the region.

The publication was born as a source of consultation for both actors who are there for the ecosystem as well as newly inspired entrepreneurs For a thriving industry, whose value and status are evident in the pages of Fintech Iberoamerica 2023.

“The extensive creative process, the valuable contributions in the interviews and the great enthusiasm of all references, sponsors and collaborators in this editorial project reveal the magnitude of the alliance,” said Mario López, current president of Alianza Fintech. Iberoamerica.

Likewise, it was an introspective work that reminded us of the fundamental importance of strengthening our links in meetings and places to appreciate and understand diversity and learn from experiences.

“In short, to know each other more deeply and with that power, continue to promote our identity as a region“, He added.

Alianza Fintech Iberoamerica: what the publication of the organization shows

In introductory chapters, chambers and associations are introduced, highlighting key development milestones and addressing challenges presented by the industry. Trade, Technology, Investment, Employment Generation, Talent Promotion, Regionalization and Regulatory Aspects,

then introduce Nine verticals that make up the ecosystemAt the regional level, identifying the companies of the sector according to their respective:

  1. digital payment
  2. debt and crowdfunding
  3. Technology for Financial Institutions (Fintech as a Service)
  4. virtual assets
  5. financial assets and capital markets
  6. Personal Finance Management and Financial Counseling
  7. insurtech
  8. business Finance
  9. disruptive financial institution

The last section is devoted to the need to promote a Comprehensive Regulatory Overview of Ibero-America Which makes a conclusion for publication.


The unit’s publications address the challenges presented by the industry in terms of business, technology, investment, job creation, talent promotion, regionalization and regulatory aspects.

Also, in this final paragraph, it is proposed to promote commitment and cohesion in this area and to open up reflection and debate for the development of the industry in general.